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  1. How do I order ?
  2. Where can I find information on how to grow Eucalyptus ?
  3. Why don't you offer a guarantee with your products ?
  4. Who is Windmill Outback Nursery ?
  5. What is the meaning of Plantium Series ?
  6. When is the best time to plant ?
  7. Why does it costs so much to ship a plant?
  8. What do I feed my .........?
  9. Privacy and Security

How do I order ?

We use an secure, on-line order system.  Items that are available for order will have this posted next to the item. By clicking on the shopping cart, it will automatically add 1 order for 1 item - you can easily edit it if you want more than one.  The shopping cart symbol is found on the price list pages, the Availability List Page or the Eucalyptus Availability List Page. THERE IS A MINIMUM $10 ORDER FOR SEED PURCHASES.

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Where can I find information on how to grow Eucalyptus ?

Eucalyptus species are really not difficult to grow provided you give it full sun and proper moisture.  The biggest key is to use plants suited for your environment! This link: Eucalyptus Culture Information should provide all the answers to your questions on proper culture.

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Why don't you offer a guarantee with your products ?

We DO guarantee some things.  If you order seed, you can expect the seed to be what you ordered.  We won't put in some obscure seed into a pack and call it what you ordered.  We have never received any complaints about our seed not being what we state.  On the other hand, since we have not personally collected the seed, we are at the mercy of the seed collectors and seed companies of Australia.  Other than a few viability issues to deal with, most any seed you order from us we have germinated seed from that seedlot here at the nursery.  If any tips or tricks are needed to improve germination, we tell you with the germination instructions sheet we send.

We DO guarantee that any plant you order from us, is, to the best of our knowledge, the correct botanical species.  Eucalyptus species can cross breed - on occasion, variation will show up in our seedlings and we either throw them out or set them aside for further study.  You can be assured  if you order an Eucalyptus cinerea plant, then what we ship is Eucalyptus cinerea.

We DO guarantee to ship live, healthy plants with no noticeable insect pests.  We are licensed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture.  We can provide plant phytosanitary certifications for states that require this for import.  We can offer international seed phytosanitary certifications at current market rates (upwards of $80 or more, depending upon what your country requires.)

Now for the bad part, we DO NOT guarantee you receive a plant in A-1, top notch condition when the plant is shipped (unless you pick them up here at the nursery.)  WHY NOT? The simple reason is  we have no control over the environmental conditions of plants during transit.  Federal Express does not guarantee perishable goods being shipped, nor does UPS or the US Postal Service. We have no control over how the plant is handled during shipping, any heat or cold stress it receives, or if it is left on your front porch in the sun all day while you are are work.  These are things we can't control. For those reasons, we can't guarantee the plants.

We use the US Postal Service for seed shipments and we are currently using them for plant shipments as well.  We do not use UPS as a carrier.  We have an account with Federal Express, however their rates are high with their "add-on" fees we rarely use them for shipping.  If you want us to ship by Federal Express, there are package pickup fees you would be responsible for as well as all the associated fees they charge.

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Who is Windmill Outback Nursery ?

OK, that's a fair question.  We started out back in the early 1990's as L & M Farm - Windmill Nursery.  It was a two person operation, husband and wife team.  Me being Michael, my wife Linda, so we have the "L" and the "M".  I have always had a fascination with windmills so I bought and erected one 37' tall on my property.  I had to get a crane in just to set the tower!  OK, so it's an expensive "yard ornament", but hey, I felt I could justify the need and also use it as a "Look for the Windmill" during advertising.  At that time, we were open to the public and we specialized in ornamental grasses.

A few years pass, the nursery grows.  Being in a rural, "outback" area, our customers were locals only and it seems they only thing they really wanted was "Mater" plants (that's tomato) but with the southern drawl and accent.  Every year we put on a "Spring Celebration Event" with live radio, fun, food, etc, but scheduling quickly became a problem.

We started going to "plant sales" at botanical gardens to expand our customer base.  One year I tried Eucalyptus cinerea plants and we sold out that weekend.  The same thing happened three years in a row, we found the Eucalyptus sales created the most excitement among the gardeners.  So, if one species is doing good, I decided to try a few more and we had the same results.  Next thing I know, I am working on about 150 different species of Eucalyptus, which is far more than the average gardener ever wanted to know about.  Heck, it is confusing for me to keep them all straight in my mind.

Time passes, we decide to do the ultimate "Vacation" to Australia.  I wanted to see what these trees looked like in their native habitat.  We spent about one month touring Australia, a vacation I will never forget and long to go back for more!  I took hundreds of digital pictures of plants, trees, etc while over there, many of which are posted on our site.

Now it's time for a name change.  Since we are now almost 100% into native Australia plants and we live in the "outback" of Louisa County, it was time to change our company name to reflect what we do.  Windmill Outback Nursery   The windmill was used as our landmark, outback for the "outback" plants we specialize in and the "outback" of Louisa County.  Nursery, well, that says what we do.

In order for us to "share" our love in Eucalyptus and other native Australia plants, we decided to close the nursery to the retail segment and change over to a mail order operation.  That's why you are reading this page right now!

Call it old fashioned, but my personal goal is to provide you with the very best possible plant we can produce for youBelieve me, we have been on the "receiving" end of plants, some that I would have thrown into the compost pile before I shipped something that looked that bad.  I treat people like I want to be treated.  I am honest and fair when given the opportunity to do so.  We are not a large corporate chain with unlimited resources and funds and lots of employees.  When you deal with us, 99% of the time you are dealing directly with me so the buck stops right here.  No middle men to sort through.  If you need help, answers, or just want to chat about plants, then you get right to the top doggie!

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What is the meaning of Plantium Series ?

In this day and time, trademarks and branding are becoming more popular for plants.  I think every business product has some kind of trademark.  Ours just happens to be Plantium Series Plantstm.  The name originated quite by accident, I was thinking about what is more valuable than gold, Platinum came to mind, but as I was jotting it down on a piece of paper to write Platinum plants, I wrote down Plantium.  So it was a valuable plant (at least to me) and it definitely was rarer than "hens teeth" here in the USA, so it came out as a valuable plant, scarce, it's a plant, all in all, Plantium.

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When is the best time to plant ?

I'm sure I address this in our web site, but since we get asked that question often, perhaps we need to address it again. 

It is generally recommended to plant your Eucalyptus as soon as possible. Water before and after planting. Ideal is to get the plant into the ground and established well before winter sets in. I have found I can easily transplant a 3 to 5 tall Eucalyptus without any major problems if they have been grown in the RootMaker bag. Others in the industry say you should not transplant any Eucalyptus over 18 inches tall, we have not had any problems when we utilize the air root pruning method of the RootMaker bags. Normal growing methods of using round, plastic pots for growing Eucalyptus can lead to girdling of the root system. In that case, then yes, I would have to agree with the 18" theory.

Both Spring and early Fall planting are generally recommended.  I would avoid planting in the hot summer as more attention to details are needed for moisture.

We stop shipping plants during the extreme heat or cold as it creates too much stress to the plants.

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Why does it cost so much to ship?

Sorry, but we have no control over the rates the commercial shippers charge.  We have seen "add on charges" for things like residential delivery, fuel surcharges, package pickup fees and who knows what else they have in store for us.  We don't set these rates, THEY DO!  We have even noticed a $10 add on fee by Fed-X if your zip code number is one digit off!  Shipping is not our business, we grow plants.  Neither you nor I have any control over what price is posted on the gas pumps - it's all up to you.  If you want gasoline, you pay the price listed on the pump or you shop elsewhere.  It's the same with shipping plants, if you want the plant shipped to you, then you pay the price the shippers set or try and obtain the plant elsewhere.  I realize shipping can be expensive.  Oftentimes, you can get 2-3 plants shipped for just a couple of dollars more than shipping just one plant - that decision is entirely up to you.

In the past, we have tried to let you know the approximate shipping costs.  Due to the volume of orders we are receiving and the frequent rate changes in shipping fees, we just can't continue along this path.  If you order plants from us, then you also understand it cost money to ship plants to you.  If you don't read our shipping terms (shipping), then please don't be mad with us if it cost $20 to ship a $10 plant.  We try to tell you up front that shipping is expensive, if you chose not to read our terms, then you have to accept the responsibility for your actions.  We charge a $2 per box fee (well below the industry standard) to cover the costs of our boxes, labels, bags, etc. used to pack your order.

INSURANCE: We do not automatically add insurance to your orders!  None of the commercial shippers will cover "perishable goods", i.e, they do not cover live plants.  If you want insurance for seed shipments, the current rate is $2.20 per hundred dollars for shipment destinations within the USA.  Rates for global insurance varies.

What do I feed my .........?

We do not specialize in nutritional needs of pets, please don't ask me what plants are safe to feed them.  Any information relating to food needs is based upon what OTHERS say and from information I gather doing web searches and research.  I do not raise sugar gliders, parakeets, stick insects, kangaroos, koalas or any other native Australia wildlife.  I have been known to have a wild snake or two around the house as evidenced by my close encounter with a poisonous copperhead snake last summer!  UGH.......  I have two cats and one dog, but I don't feed them my plants.  You, as the responsible pet owner, should make the determination of what to feed your critter.  If all else fails, you can go to our link for consultation and research where this topic is discussed.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security goes together.  We DO NOT sell your email address, report your purchasing habits to others, nor do we relay any information about you to others. Any credit card data obtained during purchases stays with us and is on a separate computer system used for billing purposes and NOT connected to the internet.

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