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Windmill Outback Nursery Shipping Terms

Important notice: By placing an order with us, you are accepting our terms listed below.

Seed shipments within the USA: Sent by priority mail ($6.00).  Insurance is not included but will be automatically added if seed totals $100 or more.

Seed shipments outside the United States: For shipment of seed outside the USA, we can offer phytosanitary certification for seed.  Prices for this service varies based upon the requirements for your country, but International phytosanitary certifications prices start at $160.  We do not know what documentation, certification or restrictions your country may have.  It is up to you to determine these restrictions.  If your seed is confiscated, destroyed or not delivered to you for any reason, we are not responsible nor will we issue refunds.  You must understand international seed orders are at your own risk.  Additional fees apply due to customs documentation, international foreign currency exchange rates, credit card processing fees, etc.  We usually ship seed by Global Priority Mail where possible.

Plant Phytosanitary Certification: We are a Virginia Department of Agriculture licensed and inspected nursery operation.  Virginia is a known Japanese beetle and Gypsy moth quarantine state.  The following states require us to provide certification/treatment for Gypsy moth and Japanese beetle for all plant shipments (seed does not need the phytosanitary certification) sent to these states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.                                                                                                    There is a $25.00 fee for inspection/treatment/certification/documentation for this service.  The fee is per shipment, not per plant or box.  We only add this charge if your state requires this certification. The $25.00 phytosanitary fee is non-refundable once your plants are have been inspected and treated. 

Handling/Boxing fees: We charge $3.00 per box to cover the costs of shipping supplies used to process your plant order.  Some plant orders may have a larger supply fee.  We can get up to 6- 5" potted plants in one box.  2 gallon and 3 gallon plants are boxed separately.

Plant shipments are sent (weather permitting) the following Monday from receipt of your order.  We normally use the postal service priority mail for shipping plants

Please Note: The US Postal Service DOES NOT guarantee delivery for anything EXCEPT EXPRESS MAIL.  The Postal Service record for priority mail shipments is good for the most part, but problems can develop: 1) They don't guarantee 2-3 day delivery 2) They will not honor any claims for "perishable goods" (aka live plants), 3) Their tracking system for shipments is extremely poor, 4) Insurance is a waste of money as they don't cover "perishable goods."  Insurance would only be good for a "lost shipment."

Other Notes: It is difficult to offer unusual plants to you in the USA when you must factor in the shipping costs.  In some cases, the shipping fee is more expensive than the total plant order.  I have no control over the commercial shipping rates, but I will work to get your plants in as few boxes as possible and consolidate where I can.  We can strap boxes together to go as a "single" box which saves you on freight charges.   I work hard to offer you quality plants; if your shipment arrives wilted or damaged, it happened during transit in which we have no control. 

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Shipping live plants is a risky business - during the extreme hot or cold months of the year it creates a greater challenge.  Many nursery operations just won't ship plants. 

By placing plant orders with us, you understand shipping will be at your own risk.  I cannot honor request to replace plants damaged due to environmental conditions or delivery problems during shipping.

We email you with the ship date and tracking information so you will know exactly what day your plants should be delivered.  (Please be sure you provide a valid email address when you order) If you cannot be there to accept delivery, the postal service may leave the package on the front porchThis is not the ideal place for a box of plants to sit out in the sun until you get homeIf you expect you will not be there to accept delivery, please arrange for someone to take your package inside until you get home.  

We ship live, healthy plants and take great care in our packing and handling.  Please remember we have no control over environmental conditions once it leaves our nursery

If you have any questions, please ask BEFORE placing your order.

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