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Angophora, Corymbia, Eucalyptus Availability/Price List Updated 4/8/2014

Australia plants A-Z Availability/Price list Updated 12/11/2013

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Contains a distinct class of what was previously known as a Eucalyptus species.  There are currently only 12 species classified in the Angophora class.  They are all native to Eastern Australia, they do not have an operculum (bud cap) and the flowers are always white and the leaves are opposite.  We currently offer 2 species. 

Contains some Eucalyptus species that have now been reclassified as a Corymbia. They are predominately Bloodwoods and Ghost Gums.  We currently offer 11 Corymbia species.

Contains about 250+ Eucalyptus species we currently have in production.  There are currently 787 "named" species and subspecies of Eucalyptus.

Other AU Plants: This section contains all the other Australia plant species we offer.  Who could resist the beauty of Banksia, the honey-rich bottlebrush flowers of Callistemon? Perhaps you are looking for Melaleuca" or perhaps the uniqueness of owning your own "Grass Tree".  (Take a "sneak" peek here )  then you can move on to the complete list of Australia natives...............

Reference Data: This is definitely a must see section! It is an extensive section containing Aromatherapy, a guide to Eucalyptus species, Eucalyptus bark and flower pictures, Eucalyptus culture information, USDA Zone ratings and Glossary of Eucalyptus terms. Please let us know what YOU would like to see! 

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