International Shipments of Seed

Each country has different requirements for shipments of seed into that country.  Some allow seed with no restrictions, others may require import permits, phytosanitary certifications, etc.  It is your responsibility to determine what permits or certificates may be needed.  You are responsible for any customs duty or import fees.

Phytosanitary Certificates: The prices starts at $15, but may be more expensive depending upon what documentation, treatments, etc. are needed by the specific country.

All countries require us to affix customs declarations to your seed package.  There is a $5 fee for us to complete the customs paperwork.

Global Priority Mail:
Delivery time is approximately 5-7 days.  The down side of this shipping method is that the parcel CANNOT be insured against loss, nor is the 5-7 day delivery guaranteed to take place within that time frame.  If the package is lost in transit or confiscated by your customs for duty imports, permits, etc., it is not our fault and we will not issue refunds or charge backs to credit cards.  Tracking service to see where or when the package is delivered is not available.  In essence, once it is deposited into our post office, we cannot assume responsibility for a lost or non-delivered shipment.

Global Express Mail: Price varies, but it starts around $27 for up to a one pound package.  It does carry an insurance value of $100, additional insurance is available if needed.  Global Express Mail can be tracked while still in the USA, but can't always be tracked in other countries.  The package is insured against loss for $100.  Customs documentation still must be attached to the package.