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Radiata - Narrow-leaved peppermint: A large tree to 120' with fibrous, gray, brown bark, smaller branches are smooth, white flowers.  New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.  Zone 8.  26-44 inches annual rainfall.
  Redunca - Mallee 9-15' x 12-18', 19" annual rainfall. A spreading medium to tall mallee shrub with deep cream to bright yellow flowers.  Needs good drainage.  West Australia.  Zone 9.
  Regnans - Mountain ash, Swamp gum, Stringy gum, Giant ash: Tallest hardwood tree in the world! Rough bark on lower, smooth above, ribbons of shedding bark. No lignotuber. Species up to 480' tall have been recorded. Victoria, Tasmania.  Zone 8.  Annual rainfall 30".
Remota - Kangaroo Island ash: Tree to 15 m or mallee to 4 m, smooth bark, thick, glossy green leaves, white flowers in clusters of 9-19.   South Australia.  Kangaroo Island. Zone 8. 
  Rhodantha - Rose mallee: A straggly mallee or shrub 3-9', but it makes up for it with its leaves and flowers! Leaves are rather large, rounded or heart shaped, silvery gray in color. Flowers are large, bright red with yellow tips. Very similar to E. macrocarpa, except this one is more tolerant of humidity and resents lime soils. West Australia.  Zone 9.  Seed supply is very limited due to the rarity of this species.  16" annual rainfall.
  Rigens - Saltlake mallee: A small mallee to 4m from West Australia with a shrubby habit.  Salt tolerance is excellent and makes a good species for salinity reclamation.  The bark is smooth, various colors of gray, whitish gray and pinkish brown.  The leaves are very stiff in nature and light green to blue-gray.  Found along salt lakes on sandy to clay soil types north of Esperance, West Australia.  Zone 9.
  Rigidula - Stiff-Leaved mallee: 9-15' x 15-18' mallee type that survives on 7" of water per year. West Australia.  Zone 9.  
Risdonii - Risdon Peppermint: A small tree 15-18' with attractive, jointed foliage, profuse creamy white flowers. Smooth, shedding, creamy white bark. 23' Tasmania.  Zone 8. 
Robusta - Swamp mahogany: Rough, fibrous gray brown to red brown bark. Good for wet areas. Tree to 98', fassssssst grower. New South Wales, Queensland.  Zone 8.  Annual rainfall 40".  
Rodwayi - Swamp peppermint: Tree to 60' with white flowers, does best in wet soil areas. New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.  Zone 8. 
Rubida ssp rubida - Candlebark gum: Known for the striking bark colors of smooth white with red brown bark. Tree 40-60' with white flowers. Does best in cool, moist conditions with acid soils.  New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.  Zone 8.  24-64 inches annual rainfall.
  Rudis - Flooded gum: Fast growing tree to 60', short erect stout stem, dark green tapering linear leaves white flowers. Grows best on flooded soils with silt and clay.  West Australia.  Zone 9.  20" annual rainfall.
Saligna - Sydney blue gum, Blue gum: Tree 50-150' with rough, fibrous, brown gray bark, white flowers. New South Wales.  Zone 8.   Annual rainfall 36-72".
  Salmonophloia - Salmon Gum: Name derived from the salmon colors on the bark, dense tree with wide crown, white flowers. To 78', West Australia.  Zone 9.  Suitable for slightly saline sites.  10" annual rainfall.
  Salubris - Gimlet: Smooth, greenish-brown trunk often uniquely spirally twisted when young, white flowers. 45' West Austalia.  Zone 9.  Grow this one for the bark alone - fantistic!
  Sargentii subsp sargentii - Salt river gum: Small, low branching tree 18-36' x 15-24'. Young branches are somewhat red, attractive bark features - foliage is dense. Does best with rainfall averages of 14-25 inches - does well in salt affected areas. West Australia.  Zone 9.
  Saxatilis - Suggan-Buggan Mallee. Mount Wheeler Mallee.  Reported to be cold hard to about 0 degrees.
Sclerophylla - Scribbly Gum, Hard-Leaved Scribbly Gum: Tree 20-50' with shedding, yellow, white to gray bark (noted for insect scribbles in Australia), large crown, white flowers. New South Wales.  Zone 8. 
  Sepulcralis - Weeping mallee: An unusual tree growing to 24' high with a very slender trunk about 2 1/2" in diameter. Large fruits, pale yellow flowers. Not suitable for shade or screening due to the weeping habit. Well drained, acid soils. West Australia.  Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 20 inches.
Serraensis (alpina) - Grampians gum - spreading shrub to 15' (5 m) tall - twisted branches & thick oblong leaves to 12 cm long - bears white flowers - tolerant of frost & most soil types.  Zone 8.  
  Sessilis - Finke River Mallee: Small shrub or mallee to 9' that features reddish bud clusters in groups of 7 with creamy yellow flowers. Northern Territory.  Zone 9.  
  Shirleyi - Shirley's Silver-leaved Ironbark: Small tree to 30' from Queensland with silvery foliage and cream flowers.  Zone 9.
  Sideroxylon ssp Rosea - Pink or Red Ironbark, Mugga: Generally 30-45' in height, deeply furrowed bark with contrasting blue-gray foliage, pink to red attractive flowers. Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria.  Zone 8.  18" annual rainfall.
Sieberi - Silvertop Ash, Ironbark, Coast Ash: Large tree 82-147' with rough, flaky orange brown bark, white flowers. New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.  Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 28-56".
  Smithii - Gully Gum: Highly used for production of oil. Tall tree to 120' with white flowers. New South Wales.  Zone 9.  30-68" annual rainfall.
  Spathulata - (red flowers) - Swamp Mallet: 18-30' tree, narrow, dense foliage canopy, attractive red flowers. Fast growing, adaptable tree for poorly drained soils. West Australia.  Zone 9.  12" annual rainfall.
  Sporadica Mallee yate: Small mallee to 16' with attractive yellow flowers and shedding foliage. West Australia.  Zone 9.
  Staigeriana: Lemon-scented Ironbark:  One of only three species with high lemon scented foliage.  Essential oils are extracted and used commercially throughout the world.  Zone 9.
  Steedmanii Steedmans Mallet:  Small mallet (lacking lignotuber) from a restricted area of West Australia.  Attractive and ornamental small landscape tree to 36'.  Zone 9.
Stellulata - Black sally: Medium tree to 50' with multi trunks and wide spreading crown. Olive green peeling bark and tolerates poor drainage. White flowers. New South Wales, Victoria.  Zone 8.     
  Stoatei - Scarlet pear gum: Small mallet tree 16-24' with unique red to greenish yellow, pear-shaped buds and fruits and attractive bright yellow flowers. Good for cut flower production. West Australia.  Zone 9.  14" annual rainfall.
  Stowardii - Fluted horn mallee: 9-24' x 12-18', West Australia.  Zone 9.  20" annual rainfall.
  Striaticalyx - Koppi Mallee: 9-36 x 9-30', mallee habit. Low moisture needs, only 6 inches per year!. West Australia.  Zone 9.
  Stricklandii - (yellow flowers) - Strickland's gum: Medium ornamental tree 18-24' with short heavy trunk. Black tessellated bark at base, smooth reddish-grey or cinnamon bark above. Shiny light green leathery leaves, vivid lemon yellow flowers. West Australia.  Zone 9.  9" annual rainfall.
Stricta - Blue Mountains mallee ash: Small species 21' with white flowers. Smooth, white, gray or green shedding bark. New South Wales.  Zone 8.
  Sturgissiana - Ettrema mallee: Small mallee with smooth bark, gray and brown mottled, gray-green young foliage, frost tolerant, RARE! New South Wales, Zone 8.
Subcrenulata - Tasmanian alpine yellow gum, Alpine Yellow Gum: Smooth, gray, white or yellow green bark. Tree 30-60' with cream flowers. Tasmania.  Zone 9.  
  Suggrandis ssp suggrandis - Swamp Gimlet: (Previously known as E. spathulata subsp grandiflora) 9-15' x 12-18'. 12" annual rainfall. West Australia.  Zone 9.
  Talyuberlup - Pretty Yate: 9-30' x 9-18', West Australia.  Zone 9. Yellow/green flowers.  24" annual rainfall.
Tenuiramis - Silver peppermint: Tree to 78' with white flowers, smooth, white to gray to yellow bark. Tasmania.  Zone 9.
  Tenuis - Whipstick mallet, Slender-stemmed mallet: 12-24', West Australia.  Zone 9.  10" annual rainfall.
  Tereticornis - Forest red gum: Fast growing species used for lumber, mulch. Growth rates of 150' have been attained in 7 years under ideal conditions! Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria.  Zone 8. Annual rainfall 26".
  Tetragona - Dalyeruk, Tallerack, Silver Marlock: Small mallee to 9', large waxy buds, fruits, stems, white flowers, maintains juvenile leaves. Good for cut flower production. West Australia.  Zone 9.  16" annual rainfall.
Tetraptera - Square-fruited mallee, Four-winged mallee: Small species to 12' with large, thick, glossy green leaves. Very attractive 4 winged flower buds pinkish red. Suitable for containers. West Australia.  Zone 9.  16" annual rainfall.
Torquata - Coral Gum, Coolgardie Gum: 15-25' high with rough, gray brown to gray black bark. Known for it's outstanding flower colors of red, pink or cream. One of the most extensively cultivated trees from Australia. West Australia.  Zone 9.  10" annual rainfall.
  'Torwood' - (E. torquata x E. woodwardii) - 15-24' x 9-18' tree. Flowers in clusters of yellow or scarlet red, prolific, full sun, sand, loam, clay, damp, well-drained, dry, acid, neutral, alkaline soils, moderate frost, quick growth. Zone 9.     West Australia.  10" annual rainfall.
  Trachyphloia - see (Corymbia trachyphloia)
Triflora - Pigeon House ash, Three-flowered ash: Pigeon House Mountain, smooth, gray to white to mottled bark. Long glossy green leaves, frost tolerant, RARE. 38' New South Wales.  Zone 9.  

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