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Eucalyptus Dalrympleana ssp dalrympleana - Mountain gum, Broad leaved ribbon gum: Smooth white, gray to dark pink bark. Fount in the cold mountain elevations of New South Wales at 900-1600m, snow. Also found in areas of Victoria and Tasmania.  Tall tree to 150' with white flowers.     Zone 8.  
Eucalyptus Dealbata - Tumbledown Red Gum: Smooth bark shedding to expose coppery, orange, white, gray and green colors. Glaucous gray-green leaves, twigs and buds. Tree to 49' with white flowers. Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  Zone 8. 
Eucalyptus Deanei - Mountain blue gum, Round leaf gum: Smooth, yellow, bright yellow then creamy bark. Large tree to 131' with white flowers. New South Wales and Queensland.  Zone 8.
Eucalyptus Debeuzevillei (E. pauciflora ssp debeuzevillei) Jounama snow gum, Snow gum.  Perhaps our most cold hardy Eucalyptus species we grow. Medium tree 25-60' with white flowers. New South Wales.  Zone 8 for best results, we are receiving favorable comments from growers in Zone 7.
  Eucalyptus Decurva - Slender mallee: A small mallee species to 3m (9') found naturally in heath-lands, coastal and sub-coastal areas of the Darling and Sterling Range, Fitzgerald River National Park.  The bark is pale, white-gray, salmon to yellow-green and smooth in texture.  The surface may be somewhat powdery.  Juvenile growth is a dull, grayish-green while the adult growth takes on a glossy green color.  The branchlets have a white waxy coating over a dark red.  Flowers are white in buds of 7 and down-curved.  It is only related to one other species, E. doratoxylon.  WA. Zone 9.  Annual rainfall about 20 inches per year.
Eucalyptus Deglupta - Mindanao gum.  A fast growing tropical tree to 225 feet in tropical New Guinea.  Excellent for high rainfall area, used for pulp production. New Guinea. Zone 9.

Many folks want to grow this for the outstanding bark colors.  Good seed is difficult to obtain and the germination rates are always poor.  We get frequent requests for this tree and can put you on the waiting list.  Our prices for these plants in small pots start at $20 each when they are available!

Eucalyptus Delegatensis ssp tasmaniensis - Alpine ash.  Large tree to 295' with white flowers. Tasmania and New South Wales.  Zone 8.  28" annual rainfall.
Eucalyptus Dendromorpha - Budawang ash.  Found growing in the high rainfall areas of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Fast growing, insect scribbles in Australia. 90' tree with white flowers.  Zone 8.
  Eucalyptus Dielsii- Cap-fruited mallet: A small tree or mallet up to 15' with shiny brown bark aging to gray. Yellow to yellow-green flowers in groups of 7. Does well in clay soils. Minimum rainfall 15" per year. Bandalup Hill WA. Zone 9.
  Eucalyptus Diptera - Two-winged gimlet: Small tree to 24' (or mallee) with creamy white, pale yellow or yellow-green flowers and distinctive buds. Minimum 12" of rainfall per year. Does well in sand or clay/loam. Esperance WA. Zone 9. 
  Eucalyptus Diversicolor - Karri.  Large tree, full to part sun, sandy loam, damp, well drained, acid, neutral, windbreak, shade, quick growth, frost tender when young, WA. Zone 9. Annual rainfall 36 inches per year.
  Eucalyptus Dives - Broad Leaf Peppermint.  Medium spreading tree, attractive blue-grey juvenile leaves, oil producer. New South Wales & Victoria.
Eucalyptus Dolichorhyncha (forrestiana ssp dolichorhyncha) - Fuchsia gum: Good for cut flower production. Small species to 15' with very unusual 4 sided winged, bright red buds and fruits with short yellow stamens. Scaddan WA. Zone 9. Annual rainfall about 14 inches per year.
  Eucalyptus Doratoxylon Spearwood mallee: 9-21 x 9-21', 16" rainfall, sandy gravel. West Australia. Zone 9.  Annual rainfall about 16 inches per year.   
  Eucalyptus Dumosa - White mallee to 30' forming a lignotuber with a shrubby growth habit.  New South Wales, Victoria & South Australia.  Zone 9, perhaps 8.  Annual rainfall 16 inches per year.
  Eucalyptus species E
  Eucalyptus Effusa - Rough-barked gimlet: A small mallee species to 4m (12') found naturally in West Australia between Norseman and Balladonia area.  The bark has persistent ribbons along the lower stems and branches.  Above this level, the bark is smooth, a shiny brown over red-brown to copper color.  An attractive feature of this species!  Juvenile growth tends to be green to gray-green in color and slightly glaucous.  Adult features are glossy green, lanceolate leaves.  Flowers are white in color in buds of 7.  The name is derived from the spread out and straggling habit.  About 20 inches or less annual rainfall.
  Eucalyptus Elata - (E. andreana) River Peppermint: Slender tree to 90' with dense crown of fine foliage. White flowers, New South Wales & Victoria. Zone 8.   Annual rainfall 28-46 inches per year.
  Eucalyptus elliptica (mannifera elliptica) Found on hills and tablelands in open forest and woodland. Juvenile leaves are orbicular, ovate to lanceolate, adult leaves are lanceolate. Common name is Brittle Gum.  Reported to be cold hardy to about minus 15 degrees F, but I have not been able to verify that.
  Eucalyptus Eremophila - Sand mallee: Single or multi-stemmed tree of mallee habit, 9-24' tall. Features long, narrow, reddish bud caps followed by showy yellow flowers. One of the better smaller Eucalypts for cultivation. WA. Zone 9.  Annual rainfall about 8 inches per year.
  Eucalyptus Erythranda - Rosebud Gum: This species is a shrub or small tree to about 15'.  It features pendulous branches, lanceolate leaves and smooth grayish bark.  The flowers are rose-pink in color.  Annual rainfall about 18 inches per year.  West Australia.  Zone 9.
Eucalyptus Erythrocorys - Illyarrie, Red, Cap Gum: Outstanding flower producer - large flowers starting out as greenish-yellow, then turning bright yellow. The bud caps are a bright red and produces a spectacular display! Smooth, pale yellow to white, loose flaking bark. Good for cut flower production. Small tree to 25', WA. Zone 9. Annual rainfall about 19 inches per year.
  Eucalyptus Erythronema var erythronema - Red-flowered mallee, Lindsay Gum, White Mallee: One of the best small flowering Eucalypts, maturing to about 15'. Red flowers are common, but cream, yellow or pink do occur. Annual rainfall about 14 inches per year. Kulin WA. Zone 9.
  Eucalyptus Erythronema var marginata - Similar to above, but flowers and fruits always occur in 3. 
  Eucalyptus Ewartiana - Ewart's mallee: 9-18 x 9-15', 8" rainfall, sandy loam. WA. Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 8 inches per year.
  Eximia (See Corymbia eximia - Yellow bloodwood)
  Eucalyptus species F
  Eucalyptus Falcata - Silver Mallet: West Australia mallet to 15' with attractive bark and glossy green leaves.  Well drained soils and low rainfall requirements.  Average rainfall 14 inches.  Zone 9.
Eucalyptus Fastigata - Brown Barrel, Cut-Tail: Rough, fibrous bark, stringy, shedding in ribbons. Found in New South Wales mountain elevations 900-1600m, snow. No lignotuber, good for coppicing. Tree 98-164', NSW, Vic. Zone 8. Annual rainfall 30-80 inches.
  Eucalyptus Fibrosa ssp nubila Blue-leaved ironbark: Large tree to 105' with a bluish adult foliage canopy.  Coastal areas of New South Wales and Queensland.
  Eucalyptus Flavida - Yellow-flowered mallee: 18-24', Loam type soils.  Broad Arrow West Australia N&E of Kalgoorlie. Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 10 inches per year. 
  Eucalyptus Flocktoniae Mallee Merrit: Mallee species to 24', attractive bark colors and unusual juvenile foliage.  Flowers pale yellow to white.  Zone 9.  West Australia.  Annual rainfall 10 inches.
  Eucalyptus flower pictures
  Eucalyptus Foecunda - Fremantle mallee, Coastal dune mallee: 9-24' x 12-24'.  Noted for its prolific flower buds.  WA Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 31"per year.
  Eucalyptus Formanii - Die Hardy mallee: 12-36 x 12-24', loamy sand. Very unusual foliage for an Eucalypt. Leaves are very narrow, pale gray-green with a wispy appearance. White or cream flowers, profusely in summer.  Evonstone West Australia. Zone 9. Annual rainfall 10 inches per year.
  Eucalyptus Forrestiana - (See Dolichorhyncha)
Eucalyptus Fraxinoides - White mountain ash, White ash: Rough at base, shedding above, yellow-white. Large tree to 131', white flowers. New South Wales, Victoria.  Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 4-30 inches per year.
  Eucalyptus Froggattii - Kamarooka Mallee: Tree or mallee to 10 m tall, forming a lignotuber. Bark rough and crumbly over most of trunk, box-type, blackish; smooth bark greenish grey, or green to brown, or yellow-grey, shedding in thin narrow ribbons. White flowers, Victoria.  Zone 8.
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