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  Eucalyptus A - B - C
Acaciiformis - Wattle-leaved peppermint.  Fast growing windbreak tree similar to E. nicholii, reaching 60' (15m) - fine dense bluish foliage resistant to insect attack. White flowers, NSW. Zone 9.  
Aggregata - Rodway Black gum. Rough, fibrous bark, curls and flakes.  Cream flowers, 60', NSW, Vic. Can withstand temporary water-logged soils, good in moderate saline areas.  Zone 8. 
  Albens - White Box.  Tree to 75' with a large canopy to provide dense shade.  Leaves are slate-gray to bluish gray in color, flowers are white.  NSW, Vic.  Annual rainfall about 18 inches.  Zone 8.
  Albida - White-leaved Mallee: 7-15' x 12-18', 14" annual rainfall, sandy gravel soil, bushy mallee to about 15 feet.  Flowers are white.   Wedin West Australia.  Zone 9.
  Albopurpurea (E. landsdowneana ssp albopurpurea) Now commonly known just as Eucalyptus albopurpurea: A Purple-flowered mallee: Normally reddish/purple flowers, although other colors do occur.  Smooth, gray over creamy white bark. Mallee to 15'. Full sun, salt spray, lime soils, drought, moderate frost, sand, well-drained, dry, Neutral to alkaline, windbreak, screen, roadside plantings, SA.  Zone 9. Low rainfall, about 12 inches per year.
  Alpina (See serraensis)
  Amygdalina - Black Peppermint. White flower, Tasmania, tree to 90', rough, fibrous gray brown bark. Peppermint scented foliage.  Zone 8.  
Andrewsii ssp andrewsii - New England Blackbutt.  65-147', cream flowers, NSW, Qld.  A good shade tree, the timber is used in building construction.  Zone 9.
  Angulosa - Kwaral, Ridge-fruited mallee: A small mallee to 15' with decorticated bark in upper branches.  Requires only 10" annual rainfall, good for land restoration along coastal areas.  WA, SA.  Zone 8.   Low annual rainfall, about 10 inches per year.
  Angustissima subsp angustissima: Narrow-leaved mallee: 4-16' x 9-21', 12" annual moisture, sand, sandy loam soil, white flowers.  Lort River WA.  Zone 9. Annual rainfall about 12 inches per year.
Apiculata - Narrow-leaved mallee ash.  Mallee type habit, smooth, white to gray to gray-green bark.  Cream flowers, 19', NSW.  Zone 8.
Approximans - Barren Mountain Mallee.  Smooth white to gray bark, white flowers. Mallee type, forms large clumps, 13'.  NSW, Qld.  Zone 8.
Archeri - Alpine Cider Gum.  Small tree to 30' with smooth, white, gray or gray-green bark, white flowers. Tasmania.  Zone 7.  (Testing currently underway in Zone 6, has survived several winters with only minimum damage so far...........)
  Aspratilis (E. occidentalis var stenantha). 6-9' x 9-12', sandy loam soil, ornamental, hedges or windbreaks.  Fifty Mile Rocks WA.  Zone 9.   Flowers cream to pale yellow. Low annual rainfall, about 10 inches per year.
'Baby Blue' - A florist quality foliage.  Mature species to 25', irregular growth habit and hardy to about 15-20 degrees.  Our #1 seller!  Has done well in Zone 7.  This is probably the #1 species for the foliage industry and is heavily naturally scented. 
Badjensis - Badja gum.  Rough, gray, brown lower trunk, smooth above.  65-115', white flowers, NSW.  A good timber type tree.  Zone 8. 
Baeuerlenii - Baeuerlen's gum.  Mallee type habit, smooth red to gray red to cream brown bark. 30-60', white flowers, generally found dwelling among rock outcrops in its native habitat.  NSW.  Zone 8.
Barberii - Barber's gum.  Smooth, gray to white bark. White flowers, 16-32' mallee type. Tasmania.  A good ornamental for smaller gardens due to its size.  Zone 8. 
  Baxteri - Brown stringybark.  A tall forest tree up to 120' with very strong timber, white flowers, glossy green thick leaves. Full to part sun, moderate frost, sand, loam, clay, well drained, acid, neutral, coppice, SA, Vic, NSW.  Zone 8

Blakelyi - Blakely's red gum.  Tree to 75' with smooth white, gray, pink or creamy yellow bark that sheds at an early age and makes it quite attractive. White flowers. Qld, NSW, Vic, Canb.  Zone 8.
Botryoides - Bangalay, Southern mahogany.  It can withstand occasionally water-logged or flooded soils and moderate saline sites.  An excellent timber tree with fibrous, flaky gray brown to red brown bark. Tree to 130' with white flowers. NSW, Vic.  Zone 9.  Reported as "frost hardy".
  Brachycorys - Cowcowing mallee: 9-15' x 9-18', loamy clay, white flowers.  WA. Zone 9.  Very low annual rainfall, about 8" per year.
  Brachyphylla - A small mallee to 16' from West Australia with attractive bark and glaucous foliage crown.  A popular ornamental for smaller landscapes and low moisture needs, about 14" annual rainfall.  Zone 9.
Bridgesiana - Apple box.  Small greenish foliage, rough, fibrous, flaky bark, gray to gray brown. Tree to 60' with white flowers. Popular with sugar gliders.  Zone 8.
Brookeriana - Brooker's gum.  Bark rough & fibrous lower, smooth above, orange, red, olive green, cream. Tree to 131', white flowers. The multi-colored bark is an outstanding feature.  Tasmania. Zone 9.  
  Buprestium - Apple mallee. 6-18 x 9-18', 12 inches rainfall, sand. Kamballup WA.  Zone 9.  


Caesia ssp caesia - Gungurru.  Small tree 9-18' with reddish curling bark to expose greenish brown bark underneath. A slender tree with a weeping habit and pink to red flowers tipped with golden anthers. Quite attractive! Loam type soil.  Dryandra WA. Zone 9.



Caesia ssp magna - Similar to above, somewhat larger flowers.  Often sold as 'Silver Princess'.  Narrogin WA.  Zone 9.  About 15 inches annual rainfall per year.

Calcicola - Hamelin Bay Mallee: 5-15 x 9-15', 29" minimum rainfall, white flowers, sand. WA.  Zone 9. 
  Callanii - A stringybark species 20-50' high, New South Wales.  Zone 8.
Calycogona subsp calycogona - Gooseberry mallee: This West Australia species is usually a mallee to 24', occasionally it can become a wide branching tree to 27'.  Bark is smooth, pale gray in color shedding in ribbons.  Leaves are narrow, lanceolate and glossy green.  Flowers are generally white although sometimes pink.  The distinctive feature of this tree is the squarish, four-sided fruits on short stalks. Also found in parts of South Australia and Victoria.  Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 10 inches per year.

Camaldulensis - Murray River red gum.  Tree 70-150' with cream flowers. Trunk diameters of up to 12' reported. Withstands wet or moist soils or drought. Zone 8.

Found widely throughout all of Australia in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, West Australia, Northern Territory.

Suitable for moderate  saline sites (ECe 400-800 mS/m.

  Camaldulensis var obtusa : River red gum: 90', powdery white bark. The buds have opercula which are obtusely conical to almost rounded and juvenile and intermediate leaves are bluish. Generally may be the more hardy of the E. camaldulensis species.
  Camaldulensis ssp Silverton: From Silverton near Broken Hill NSW, it will take lower rainfall and hotter conditions than the normal River Red gum. Suited to inland planting, it has a drooping crown and slightly bluish leaves. Quite attractive.
Campaspe - Silver-topped gimlet.  Hardy to around 18 degrees. Needs excellent drainage. A small species to 20' with white flowers. WA. Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 10 inches per year. 

Camphora ssp camphora - Broad-leaved Sally.  Smooth gray to brown to black bark. Rounded leaves, tolerates shade, camphor scented leaves. Tree or mallee to 30' with white flowers. Found growing native in valleys and marshes of NSW, Vic.  Zone 8.
  Cannonii (macrorhyncha ssp cannonii) - Capetree stringybark.  A tree 40' with white flowers and rough, thick, fibrous, dark brown bark. NSW. Zone 8
Cernua (E. nutans) Red-flowered moort: A small, bushy shrub or tree 6-8' and equally wide. Dark red flowers with creamy anthers. WA Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 11-22 inches per year.
Cinerea - Silver Dollar Gum, Argyle Apple: A very popular species for fresh or preserved foliage, attractive scent and all around good looks.  May attain height of 50' in warmer zones, may be treated like a perennial shrub in Zone 7 if winter damage occurs.  Silvery, bluish green leaves.  Suitable for containers if pruned.   24" annual rainfall.
  Citriodora (See Corymbia citriodora - Lemon scented gum.
Cladocalyx nana - Dwarf Sugar gum: Smooth mottled orange, yellow, green bark shedding in plates. A smaller tree to 25' with white flowers. SA. Zone 9. Annual rainfall about 15 inches per year.
Cneorifolia - Kangaroo Island narrow-leaved mallee.  Ideal for coastal planting, a popular species for oil production. To 15', white flowers, SA. Zone 9. 
Coccifera - Tasmanian snow gum, Mt. Wellington Peppermint.  Smooth, cream to yellow pink bark. Small green leaves on shrub/tree to 20' with white flowers. Tasmania. Well drained soil a must. Zone 8.  
Conferruminata - Bald Island marlock, Bushy Yate: Densely crowned tree to 24' and does not have a lignotuber. This species has large and unusual buds and fruits that occur as finger-like clusters with greenish/yellow flowers. Narrogin WA. Zone 9.  Annual rainfall about 20 inches per year.
  Consideniana - Yertchuk.  Glossy gray-green leaves, an ash species to 90' with white flowers. NSW, VIC.   Zone 8.    Annual rainfall 28-56".
  Cooperiana - Many-flowered mallee: A small mallee species to 12' (4m) from West Australia, east of Esperance towards Israelite Bay, Toolinna Cove and Eyre.  The bark is smooth, white and powdery.  Juvenile leaves are dull, gray-green and the adult foliage is green to bluish-green and glossy.  Zone 9.  Annual rainfall about 24 inches per year.
Cordata - Heart leaved silver gum.  Smooth, white, green, purple, gray or greenish yellow bark. Attractive, small beautiful foliage. Tree to 70' with white flowers, moist soils - not drought tolerant. Tasmania.  Zone 8.   
  Cornuta - Yate: 30-60' tree, well branched and unique flower buds like the Bushy Yate, E. conferruminata.  These flower buds are bright yellow and finger-like. A species from Walpole WA, rainfall from 19-32" acceptable. Zone 9.
  Coronata - Crowned mallee: A small mallee species to 3m (9') on heath-lands and coastal hills from West Australia in the Fitzgerald River National Park. The bark is smooth pale gray to pale brown.  Juvenile leaves are not generally seen.  Adult leaves are green and slightly glossy.  Flowers occur in groups of three and generally of a yellowish color.  Annual rainfall about 10 inches per year.
  Corymbia calophylla (white) Marri - Well shaped large tree, dense crown, showy white flowers. WA  Zone 9. 
  Corymbia calophylla (pink) - Marri - Well shaped large tree, dense crown, showy pink flowers. WA   Zone 9.
  Corymbia citriodora - Lemon scented gum.  Smooth white, copper or pink bark shedding in large flakes.  Large green leaves extremely highly scented with lemon.  Excellent for containers when pruned, room deodorizers, potpourri.  Probably the most highly scented of all species!  25" annual rainfall.   
  Corymbia eximia - Yellow bloodwood.     24" annual rainfall
  Corymbia eximia nana - Golden Gum: Dwarf tree, flowers when quite young. Massive heads of golden flowers. Smaller version of above. 
  Corymbia ficifolia - Red Flowering Gum.  Scarlet red flowers, 12-40', rough, fibrous, furrowed bark.   25" annual rainfall.
  Corymbia gummifera - Red bloodwood.  Medium tall tree, white flowers. Popular with sugar glider breeders.    27-70" annual rainfall.
  Corymbia maculata - Spotted gum.  Smooth, shedding dark gray, dimpled bark. Strong lemon scented foliage similar in scent to C. citriodora.     29-68" annual rainfall.
  Corymbia papuana -  Ghost gum.  Single trunk tree to 45' with a broad crown.  From Papua New Guinea.   Smooth, pale, chalky bark.  Zone 10.   .
  Corymbia ptychocarpa - Ornamental tree with large red or white flowers, attractive shiny leathery leaves and large nuts.   Annual rainfall about 20 inches per year.
  Corymbia trachyphloia - Brown bloodwood.  Single trunk tree to 75' with tessellated bark, white flowers.  Zone 9.
  Costata - See Angophora costata
Crebra - Narrow-leaved ironbark.  Narrow-leaved Red Ironbark, Ironbark, Narrow-leaved Ironbark: Bark is deeply furrowed gray color. Tree to 49' with white flowers. NSW. Zone 9.   Annual rainfall 22".
Crenulata - Silver Gum, Buxton Gum: A small tree 30-40' with white flowers. Considered as an endangered species found native only in swampy areas of the Acheron River Valley of Victoria. Zone 9.
  Cretata - Darke Peake mallee: A small mallee species to 4m (12') found in the upper Eyre peninsula South Australia.  It is found on the sides of granite hills in calcareous soil (containing large amounts of lime with pH range of 7.5 to 8.5).  The bark on the lower trunk tends to be rough to flaky gray, while above the branches, leaves and buds are glaucous and waxy.  The flowers are usually in buds of 7 and white in color.
Crucis ssp crucis - Southern Cross Mallee, Silver Mallee: A minniritchi type bark as seen in the picture, rich, coppery red. Attractive white or pale yellow flowers in groups up to 11. Small mallee or tree to 25'. Narrogin WA.  Zone 9. Annual rainfall about 11 inches per year.
Curtisii - Plunkett Mallee: Small mallee 6-22' with white flowers, shiny green leaves. Queensland.  Zone 9.
  Cyanophylla - Blue-leaved mallee, Ghost mallee: Small mallee to 15' with outstanding bluish foliage.  Victoria & South Australia.  Zone 8.
  Cylindriflora - White mallee: A small mallee species to 4m (12') found naturally in Bendering, Salmon Gums and Balladonia West Australia.  It is not found along the coast, but further inland.  The bark is white to pale gray to yellowish gray in color and smooth texture.  Lower juvenile leaves appear dull, while upper juvenile leaves and adult leaves appear glossy green.  Flowers are creamy white in buds of 7.  (Latin cylindri - meaning cylindrical and flora flower, refers to the cylindrical buds.  About 20 inches annual rainfall per year.  Zone 9.
Cypellocarpa - Mountain gray gum, Monkey gum, Spotted gum: Large tree to 200' with shedding yellow, white to grayish bark. Cream flowers. New South Wales, Victoria.   Zone 8.    27-50" annual rainfall.
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