Consultation and Research Fees

While many of our requests for information deals with Eucalyptus, there comes a time when you expect us to go above and beyond to answer every question you may have.  I have tried to address this situation by publishing a "Reference Data" section, in which you will find answers to the majority of your questions.  I'd also like to invite you to utilize our search engine on our site.

There are some who ask for help, but don't provide adequate information in their inquiry.  Please try to be specific with your question and include all relevant information so I can solve your problem.  Things I need to know include your soil type, pH range, annual rainfall, climate, etc.

Unfortunately, there are some folks out there who don't do any research beforehand.  If you order one pack of seed, please don't expect me to personally email a response to you explaining everything from A-Z about horticulture.  It took years of College (and lots of money) for me to earn my horticulture degree. 

As an example, I had one person write me and say: "I have this little buggy thing eating my plant.  What do I do?"  OK, I see you are concerned about a pest problem, but you failed to tell me (1) what plant species (2) no information about the "buggy", i.e, color, size, shape (3) what part of the plant is being affected............ I think you get the point here. )  (I'll throw in a "freebie here, there is only one TRUE bug, the stink bug.  All the rest are classified as "insects"........

For those folks that send questions like that above.............. I will be offering a consultation service @ $35 per hour, with a minimum of 1/2 hour billing.  Please provide your credit card number and expiration date and zip code when you ask those type questions.

Now for those folks who ask me what to feed their pet (fill in the blank _________) with whatever species from Australia, Nebraska or wherever.......  I am not a vet - my degree is in horticulture.  I sell and grow plants, not make recommendations about pet care, pet needs, pet nutrition, not even about "pet" - r - pan peanut-butter! (No, I'm not going to give free advice here about the best brand..............)

So....... for those folks, I must charge double the going rate and I offer a consultation service @ $70 per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum billing.  Again, just simply provide your credit card information when you ask me what to feed your ..... and I'll cut and paste the previous paragraph and email it back to you.  (After I make sure we processed your credit card for payment........)

Maybe I look at this wrong, but one of my real pet peeves is the person who buys a Eucalyptus plant from somebody else and wants me to tell them what it is, or, they want me to tell them everything from A-Z about how to care for their plant?  DUH!  Why don't you ask the person you bought it from?  Obviously, you are not supporting my business enterprise nor helping me generate revenue to pay for our web site hosting fees.  Why should you be allowed to take up my time answering questions when you are doing business with someone else?  DUH DUH , double DUH DUH!

For those folks, gee, I really must go for the gusto and these services are charged at a flat rate of $50 for a single response.  You did not purchase the plant from me (you would have already received that information if you had).  Also, since there are almost 1,000 different Eucalyptus species, if you ask me that question 1,000 times (that's $50 billing each time of course), then one time I will be exactly right!  Then maybe I can afford to stay in business for a few more months and be here to answer you next question.

Seriously here folks, if you need technical advice I'll try to help.  If you want detailed information and professional advice, then yes, we really do offer consultation services.