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  Radyera farragei - Bush hibiscus.  A southern and western Australian shrub with unlobed or shallowly lobed toothed leaves and purple flowers; sometimes placed in genus Hibiscus, frost sensitive
  Rhodanthe chlorocephala - Strawflower.  Considered as an annual from southwestern Australia.  It grows to a height of 24" with a spread of 6".  The flower heads are composed of white to pale pink bracts surrounding a yellow center.  Widely grown as a cut flower and excellent for dried flower arrangements.
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  Syncarpia glomulifera - Turpentine: A tall, straight tree to 90' with fibrous bark and elliptical leaves. Bears fluffy white flowers and woody fruit. Excellent windbreak tree. Requires ample moisture. Qld, NSW. Zone 9. 
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Telopea speciossima - New South Wales waratah: Erect shrub to 9' x 4', toothed leaves. Bears attractive, large red flowers in spring in large terminal inflorescences to 15 cm diameter and are surrounded by large red bracts. Outstanding shrub and cut flower. Good drainage essential, full sun to only part shade. Prune heavily after flowering for good flower production the next year. NSW Zone 8
Telopea truncata - Tasmanian waratah: This species is an open shrub to 9' x 9'.  In its native habitat in Tasmania, it grows in cool, moist hill country.  The red flower heads are about 2" in diameter.  Leaves are dark green and narrow, to 4" long.  Zone 8.
  Templetonia retusa - Cocky's tongues, Woodland and heath in South Australia and Western Australia on limestone, generally along the coastal strip from about Kangaroo Island to Shark Bay. Also in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.  A member of the pea family having the traditional 4 petal type flowers which are rather large and bright to deep red in color.  A shrub to about 3-6' tall.
  Trachymene coerulea - Blue lace flower, long lasting cut flower, annual to 24".
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