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  Nothofagus cunninghamii - Myrtle Beech: The dominant rainforest tree found in Tasmania.  Dark green foliage (evergreen) with white dots on the leaves.  In alpine areas it tends to be more shrub like.  Prefers an acid pH between 5 and 7.  1-3 months cold stratification of seed beneficial, as well as growing seedlings in a shaded area.  Do not allow the root system to dry out.  Hardy to about 15 degrees F.
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  Ozothamnus hookeri (Syn. Helichrysum hookeri): A member of the Asteraceae family, this is a rounded and compact plant to about 2' and looks like a conifer when not in bloom.  The leaves are quite small, only about 3 mm long.  Insignificant small cream flowers in summer.  It is native to the alpine areas of NSW, ACT and Vic in grasslands and thickets, altitude 900-1200 m.  It prefers moist, rich, well-drained soil in sun. Propagation seed or cuttings in late summer. Rock garden plant. Zone 8.
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  Pandorea pandorana - (P. doratoxylon, P. oxleyi) Wonga-wonga vine: A vigorous climber to 20' with glossy green leaves to 7 cm. Flowers are tubular to 2 cm, color variable from white and maroon to white and gold or brown. Fast growing, tolerates some shade. Ideal for fences and trellises or containers. NT, Qld, NSW, Vic, SA. Tropical. 
  Paraserianthes lophantha - (Albizia lophantha): commonly known as Cape Leeuwin Wattle or Crested Wattle, is the only species occurring in south-west Western Australia; the others are found in tropical Australia.  Attractive foliage and habit with a long flowering period, flowers are a greenish-yellow.
  Petrophile linearis - Pixie Mops.  Erect shrub to 20" with terminal heads of pink, woolly flowers.  WA   
  Phebalium squameum - Satinwood: Small tree to 30' with fragrant foliage and white flowers, silvery undersides of leaves. Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas. Zone 8.
  Phymatocarpus maxwellii   Shrub 5' x 4' with small, thick narrow-elliptical leaves to 6 mm. The flowers are pinkish/mauve globular heads about 1 cm diameter. Well-drained soil, tolerates shade. WA. Zone 9. 
  Portulaca oleracea (Australian variety) - Found in all states of Australia except Tasmania. A prostrate herb with fleshy, edible stems and thick succulent leaves with small yellow flowers. The leaves are used in salads or cooked as a spinach. 
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