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  Kunzea ambigua -  (K. cortifolia) Shrub 4-9' x 6-9'. Narrow leaves, white, fluffy, fragrant flowers spring to summer. Prefers full or part sun and good drainage. Blue Mountains area of Australia, should prove frost hardy.
Kunzea parvifolia -  A spreading plant 5' high x 9' wide. Heath like leaves, bears profuse pink flowers in late spring and early summer. Showy flowers.
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Lambertia formosa - Honey Flower, Mountain Devil: Shrub 6' x 4'', dark green leaves and bright red flowers. Well drained soil in sunny position, supplement with bone meal to promote rapid growth. New South Wales.  Zone 8.  
  Leptospermum glaucescens: Tall tea tree: A sub species of L. nitidum, glaucous foliage.  Grows to about 12' tall.
  Leptospermum rupestre - prostrate form: Alpine or sub-alpine shrub with small white flowers. 3' shrub, sun, well watered with good drainage.
  Leptospermum rupestre - upright form: Similar to above, just a more upright form.
Leptospermum squarrosum - (L. persiciflorum): Shrub to 7' x 4' with pale to deep pink flowers on old wood.  NSW  Zone 8. 
  Leptospermum trinervium -  (L stellatum, L. attenuatum): Large shrub 16' x 9' with flaky, papery bark.  Flowers are white, 1.2 cm diameter and usually occur in spring.  Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria.  Zone 8.
  Lophostemon confertus - Tristania conferta. Brush Box, Queensland box: This very tall (> 35m in wet schlerophyll forest) tree has rough bark on its lower trunk, but a smooth pink-orange upper trunk and branches. Young shoots are hairy, but mature leaves are dark green and in whorls of 4 or 5, and about 120 mm long. The 20 - 30 mm white flowers have a feathery appearance, appear in summer, and are followed by 3 valved woody capsules. Queensland.  Zone 9. 
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  Melaleuca alternifolia - Snow in Summer: This is a large shrub 24' x 16' and the source of the world famous "Tea Tree Oil."  Small thin green leaves to 2.5 cm long contain the oil. The flowers are white, bottle-brush like and occur in summer, the bark is papery. Tolerates all soils except very dry conditions and very tolerant of heavy shade. New South Wales, Queensland.  Zone 8.  
  Melaleuca conothamnoides - Purple Pom-Pom Myrtle.  From West Australia - 3' x 3' open shrub.  The 1 1/2" flower heads are purple, usually appear in spring. Excellent for cut flowers. Prune lightly after flowering to promote fresh new growth.  Does best in full sun, well drained soils.  Suitable for rockery or container plant. 
  Melaleuca cordata - Heart leaf Honey Myrtle: A small shrub to 3' high with gray-green, heart shaped leaves. The attractive purple flowers are tipped with yellow. Difficult species to maintain in cultivation - recommend to grow in containers. West Australia.  Zone 9.
  Melaleuca decora (M. genistifolia) Tall shrub or tree to 18' with papery bark. Creamy-white cylindrical flower spikes to 2-1/2" long at ends of branches, late spring to summer. A good screening plant and flowering species needing plenty of moisture and tolerating bad drainage. New South Wales, Queensland.  Zone 8.
Melaleuca fulgens - Scarlet Honey Myrtle: A small rounded shrub to about 4' diameter. The flowers may be red or apricot in color and occur in short bottlebrush-like spikes to 3 cm long. Requires good drainage and sun. West Australia.  Zone 9.  
  Melaleuca gibbosa - Slender Honey Myrtle: A dense, spreading and weeping shrub to 6'. Mauve colored brushes to 1.5 cm in summer. Frost resistant with some protection. Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia.  Zone 8.  
Melaleuca hypericifolia - Hillock Bush: Shrub to 15' that will tolerate boggy conditions. Foliage turns reddish bronze in winter, orange-red brushes. Grows in wet or dry soils, hardy to +28 F. New South Wales.    
Melaleuca linarifolia  - A tree to 32' with white flowers spring and summer. Very showy, often used for screening.   Queensland, New South Wales.  Annual rainfall 20".
Melaleuca nesophila  - Tall shrub or small tree to 12' with dark pink/purple flowers for about 5 months! Grows well in wet, sandy soils, moderately frost resistant. West Australia.  Zone 9.  Annual rainfall 18".
Melaleuca thymifolia - Feather Honey Myrtle: purple, mauve-violet flowers in spikes on a small, 3' shrub. Delicate, fragrant, needle like leaves. Prefers moist conditions, will tolerate drought and frost. Light pruning OK. Queensland, New South Wales.  Zone 8. 
  Melaleuca wilsonii - Full sun to light shade, 6'x6', moderate to regular water. Mauve/violet flowers in spring on previous seasons growth, prune after flowering. Drought and frost tolerant, can withstand periods of waterlogging, but prefers a well-drained, sunny position. Victoria, South Australia.  Zone 8.  
  Metrosideros villosus: From New Zealand - Small tree with glossy jade green leaves and blooms profusely during summer (with some maturity).  Flowers are scarlet and bottle-brush like in form.  Good container potential.  Hardy to about 20 degrees.  New Zealand Christmas Tree.
  Microcachrys tetragona - Strawberry Pine: A spreading, prostrate conifer with attractive dark green foliage. The ripe female cones resemble tiny strawberries and are bright red. Slow growing, prefers well drained soil in full sun or part shade. Tasmania.
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