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Gossypium sturtianum: Sturt's Desert Rose - A shrub growing to about 4' with small pink to mauve Hibiscus-like flowers with a dark red center and about 40 mm in diameter.  Does well in hot, dry climates.  In more humid areas, provide a well-drained, sunny position and good ventilation.
  Grevillea paniculata: A 5-8' shrub the requires full sun to part shade and moist soil with good drainage.  Flower color is cream, although pink forms are known also.  Member of the proteaceae family.  Zone 9.  West Australia.
  Grevillea robusta: Silky Oak: Large tree 70-120' with orange/yellow flowers.  Often planted in temperate to semi-tropical climates.  Generally a coastal species found in New South Wales up to Queensland.  Germination of fresh, un-stratified seeds requires about 20 days. Stratification at 3 C (38 F) for 30 days, or a 48-hour water soak, substantially increases germination capacity of seeds that have been stored Plants do not tolerate shade! This species is not susceptible to phosphorous toxicity.
Grevillea 'Sandra Gordon'  - A cultivated hybrid between G. sessilis and G. pteridifolia.  A shrub to 15' with pinnate leaves and tapering bright yellow flowers.  Prune to maintain shape or size. West Australia.  Zone 9.
Guichenotia macrantha -  A small shrub to about 2' that has no flower petals - instead it has a brightly colored calyx 2.5 cm in diameter, mauve pink in color.  The showest member of the genus, excellent rockery plant.  WA  Zone 9
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Hakea bucculenta - Red Pokers: Medium shrub from West Australia, 20' tall x 10' wide. Orange-red blooms in winter. Withstands moderate frost and long lived. Best in semi-arid warm areas. Zone 9.  
  Hakea crassifolia - Erect open shrub, small clusters of large brown and cream flowers. WA.  Zone 9.
Hakea dactyloides - The form of this species is not exact, but it usually grows no taller than 9'. White, sometimes pink, tubular flowers. Found native in the Blue Mountains area of Sydney.  Queensland, NSW.  Zone 8.
  Hakea decurrens - Similar to Hakea sericea, this one grows to 6'. It has white flowers on long, needle-like foliage. NSW Zone 8. 
Hakea laurina - Pincushion Bush: Tree to 20' from West Australia with 10' spread. Rapid grower, reaching 12' x 4' in 4 years. Crimson, ball shaped flowers. Must have good drainage on sandy soil, no phosphorus, no lime!  Zone 9.
  Hakea lehmanniana: A compact shrub to 3' with needle-like leaves to 6 cm.  Bears small clusters of pale blue flowers in the leaf axils.  This is the only Hakea species with bluish flowers.  WA  Zone 9. 
  Hakea multilineata - Grass-leaved Hakea: 15' x 6' with narrow oblong leaves. Long spikes of red, pink or white flowers, probably not good in humid areas. No lime.West Australia.  Zone 9.  
Hakea purpurea - Small shrub 4' x 3'. Unusual, bright red flowers in winter and spring. Sharp, needle-pointed foliage! Hardy in most soils and full sun. Qld, NSW. Zone 9. 
  Hakea sericea - Pink Form: (H. acicularis) - Silky Hakea. Small to medium shrub or small tree with prickly leaves and pink flowers. Sun/shade. NSW, Vic, Tas. Zone 9.
Hakea victoria - Royal Hakea: Excellent accent foliage plant to 9'. Variegated leaf colors, cream flowers. Not for frosty areas. WA Zone 9.  
  Hardenbergia violacea 'Rosea': Pink Coral Pea: Seed requires hot water treatment or scarification.  A tropical vine from West Australia that does not tolerate frost!  Full sun to part shade with no summer watering needed and good drainage essential. 
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Isopogon anemonifolius - Drumsticks: Upright shrub to 6', but may also be prostrate. Yellow globular cone flowers in spring. Flattened, divided leaves. Use limestone underlayment may help. 
  Isopogon anethifolius - Upright shrub 6' x 4', stems and young growth often reddish.  Yellow flowers in terminal heads in spring and summer.  Excellent foliage and feature plant.  Good for municipal or residential gardens.  NSW.
  Isopogon cuneatus  A species with showy pink flowers
  Isopogon latifolius - large terminal heads of pink flowers.  WA 
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