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  Darwinia citriodora - Lemon Scented Myrtle: Generally found in southwest Australia, a shrub growing to about 4 feet with claw-type red, yellow and green flowers.  Generally found on granite formations and lateritic soils.  A member of the myrtaceae family.
Diselma archeri - Chestnut Pine: A dwarf native conifer to 9' high x 5' wide - deep green foliage - small male and female cones - formal plantings or tub specimen - requires plenty of moisture - grows in sun or shade - tolerates frost. Cold hardy, rare. Slow growing. Tasmania.
  Diplolaena angustifolia - Yanchep Rose: Native to western Australia, this is a compact to spreading shrub to about 1.5 m high.  The flowers are reddish/orange and tend to hang downwards.  Found growing native on rocky ridges, limestone hills and sand dunes.
  Dodonea triquetra - Hop Bush: Early settlers to Australia used this seed for beer brewing.
  Dodonea viscosa - Hop Bush 
  Dryandra formosa - Showy Dryandra: Large shrub 16 x 6' with closely toothed leaves to 12 cm. Orange-yellow flower heads. Limestone underlay may prove helpful. WA Zone 9.  
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Eremophila maculata - Emu bush or poverty bush: Rounded shrub to 6' with spotted flowers with yellow, pink, mauve or red. Arid parts of Qld, NSW, Vic, SA, NT, WA. Zone 9.mania.
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  Flindersia australis - Australian teak, tree to 40 m, buttress trunk.
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