Acacia podalyriifolia

Queensland silver wattle


Acacia podalyriifolia is a tall shrub or small tree, 24' x 15'. This species has silver phyllodes that are felt-like texture.  The golden ball-shaped flowers appear in late winter.  This species does well in most well-drained soils and prefers a sunny location.  Subject to leaf minor in some areas.  Qld, NSW.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type Shrub/tree to 24'
Flower Color Yellow
Growth Rate Fast
Placement Sun
Culture 18" minimum annual rainfall
Native Queensland, New South Wales
Family Mimosaceae
Key Benefits
bulletAttractive foliage
bulletFast growing
bulletLate winter blooming
Problem Solving Features
bulletFast growing
bulletWithstands heat, drought
bulletProvides quick shelter or windbreak

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* Seed germinates best if given hot water soak or use scarified seed.  Place seed in near boiling water, soak for 24 hrs then sow.  Any floating seeds need additional hot water/soak treatment.  Sow seeds 1/8" deep, germination 2-3 weeks at 70-75 degrees F.


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