Syncarpia glomulifera

(Syncarpia laurifolia)



Description: A tall, straight tree to 90' with fibrous bark and elliptical leaves. Bears fluffy white flowers and woody fruit. Excellent windbreak tree or specimen for large parks or gardens. Requires ample moisture. A tall, straight tree of the sclerophyll forest and rainforest margin. Shows it's best growth and development in valleys and flats, preferring deep, fertile soils. Characteristic fruits have seven capsules fused into a woody head. Leaves are whorled.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type Tree to 90'
Flower Color White
Growth Rate Fast
Placement Sun/part shade
Culture Well drained soils with adequate moisture
Native Queensland, New South Wales
Family: Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletFast growing tree
bulletExcellent windbreak tree
bulletBest for larger areas

Problem Solving Features

bulletLow maintenance
bulletNo fertilizer needed
bulletModerate moisture requirement
bulletFast growing

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*Seed germinates easily with normal methods.


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