Grevillea 'Sandra Gordon'



Common Name: 'Sandra Gordon' Grevillea  A cross between Grevillea pteridifolia x G. sessilis

Description: About a 12' shrub with gray-green foliage and bronze new growth. Bright yellow, toothbrush like flowers appear in spring, may also appear in fall. Good for cut flowers indoors. Frost tolerant with some protection. Prune after flowering to maintain compact growth.  A very prolific flowering plants.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 9
Type Shrub to 12'
Flower Color Bright Yellow
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun
Culture Well drained soils
Native Australia hybrid
Family: Proteaceae

Key Benefits

bulletFlower color bright yellow with gray-green foliage
bulletGood for cut flowers
bulletHybrid cross between G. sessilis and G. pteridifolia

Problem Solving Features

bulletVery attractive accent shrub
bulletLow moisture/fertilizer needs
bulletLow maintenance
bulletSmaller size suitable for smaller landscapes
bulletPossibility of planters or containers

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