Eucalyptus vernicosa

Varnished gum


Description: A mallee to 3' (1 m) tall, that forms a lignotuber. The bark is smooth, grey to grey-brown.  This unusual species has small, green, glossy leaves that make the plant look like it has been glossed over with varnish.  Probably the smallest of all Eucalyptus species, generally growing only to about 3' which makes it suitable for containers.  It is found in high mountain areas of Tasmania, on exposed, poorly drained sites.  The flowers are white.

Climate data: High altitude, exposed, poorly drained sites.

Culture: Full sun, well drained acid soil, gravel soils, sandy loam.

Uses: Very small landscaping species, ornamental, attractive foliage.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type Mallee to 3' with lignotuber
Flower Color white
Growth Rate Slow
Placement Sun
Soil Acid, sand or sandy loam, gravels
Culture annual rainfall - probably 20" or less
Native Tasmania
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletSmall species for home gardens
bulletAttractive glossy green foliage
bulletLow moisture requirements

Problem Solving Features

bulletDoes well in acid soils
bulletLow nutrient needs
bulletLow maintenance
bulletSuitable for containers

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