Eucalyptus mannifera subsp mannifera

(E. mannifera ssp maculosa)

Brittle gum, Red-spotted Gum


Description: Includes E. mannifera ssp maculosa
This specimen is excellent for coppicing and responds well to this method of obtaining multi-stemmed, beautiful white trunks. The species tends to lose branches, even on a still day, so don't plant close to your house. It is widely planted in the cooler areas of Australia as a street tree due to its fine foliage and colorful trunk. Native to the mountain slopes and tablelands of New South Wales, Victoria(Another Australia reference states this species is highlands rated for frost and snow.

The bark is a shedding type to ground level, irregular pinkish gray plates or flakes.  At first, it is yellow or pale orange, weathering to white and powdery, often with a red coloration in summer.  It is especially attractive after a summer rain.  Leaves are narrow and dull green, about 12 cm long.  This species is frost hardy and tolerant of drought conditions, often growing in areas that receive from 500-1000 mm of rain per year (20-40 inches).  It grows well in poor soils containing clay or in shallow rocky soils.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type Medium tree 49-65' (15-20m), lignotuber
Flower Color White
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun
Culture Low to moderate moisture
Native New South Wales, Victoria
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletResponds well for coppicing to produce multiple stems
bulletAttractive white trunks
bulletPossible street tree

Problem Solving Features

bulletAttractive accent plant or tree - either in the landscape or as a street tree
bulletSuited for cooler areas
bulletLow moisture needs
bulletNo fertilizer needed
bulletProvides fine foliage texture

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*Seed germinates easily with normal methods.
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