Eucalyptus grandis

Flooded Gum, Rose Gum

Description: A straight trunk tree with smooth bark, white, gray-white or blue-gray in color. The most widely planted Eucalyptus species and is noted for its timber production in Australia. Juvenile leaves are somewhat oval, adult foliage shaped like a lance. Native to coastal areas from near Newcastle New South Wales area and north into Queensland. Reports from the Australian National Botanic Gardens report no frost damage after eight years.  Suitable for slightly  saline sites (ECe 200-400 mS/m.

Culture: Sun, acid pH, clay loam, loam, sandy loam soil, 36" + annual rainfall.

Uses: Ornamental, shade, Koala browse, sawmilling, timber production.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 9
Type Tall tree to 163' (50m), lignotuber absent
Flower Color White
Growth Rate Fassssssssssssst!
Native New South Wales, Queensland
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletFast growing tree to 163'
bulletExcellent for timber production
bulletSmooth bark, white/blue/gray or gray/white color

Problem Solving Features

bulletFast growing species
bulletReported as frost tolerant
bulletLow maintenance
bulletGood timber producer

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*Seed germinates easily with normal methods.  331-628 average seeds per gram.
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