Eucalyptus globulus ssp bicostata

Eurabbie, Blue Gum, Victorian Blue Gum


Description: A large tree to 45 m tall and forms a lignotuber. The bark is smooth apart from base which has persistent slabs, shedding in large strips and slabs.  The smooth bark colors are white, cream, grey, yellowish or pale creamy orange, often with ribbons of decorticated bark in the upper branches. The flowers are white.  A montane and tableland subspecies in southern New South Wales and Victoria mostly on the northern slopes of the Great Dividing Range west to the Pyrenees, with a single population in South Australia on Mt Bryan north of Burra. It has similar sessile buds to subsp. globulus but they are slightly smaller and occur in 3s.

Culture: Sun, acid pH, loam or sandy loam

Uses: Ornamental, shade, coastal plantings, Koala browse, sawmill timber, firewood, small timber, honey production, aromatherapy, essential oils, perfumed foliage, wind resistant, pulpwood.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type About 140'
Flower Color White
Growth Rate Fast
Placement Sun
Soil Type Loam
Soil Moisture (minimum) 600 mm (24") per year
Native NSW, Vic, SA
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletMay be large tree to 140
bulletFast growing species, expect 6'+ per year
bulletShedding bark

Problem Solving Features

bulletVery attractive, fast growing tree in sun
bulletLow/moderate moisture needs
bulletLow maintenance

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*Seed germinates easily with normal methods.


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