Eucalyptus debeuzevillei

(E. pauciflora subsp debeuzevillei)

Jounama snow gum


Description: A lot of conflicting information on this one, some report mature heights of 30', other say 60'. Either way, most agree upon twisted trunks and branches that are usually white in color. Branches are sometimes tinged pink or orange. Good species for the colder zones.  New South Wales.

Culture: Sun, acid soil, clay loam, loam, sandy loam, low rainfall, good drainage

Uses: Ornamental, cold hardy species with attractive trunks and branches.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8, perhaps 7
Type Usually a small tree or mallee, lignotuber
Flower Color White
Growth Rate Slow
Placement Sun
Culture Low to moderate moisture
Native New South Wales
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletSmall tree or mallee habit
bulletTwisted trunks and branches, large, thick leaves
bulletProbably the second most cold hardy species

Problem Solving Features

bulletRated for being cold hardy
bulletLow moisture/fertilizer needs
bulletLow maintenance
bulletAttractive landscape specimen

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*Seed needs 6 weeks cold treatment.
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