Eucalyptus cladocalyx nana

Dwarf Sugar gum


Description: This species is found in only four distinct areas of South Australia.  The southern Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island and two locations on the Eyre Peninsula. The bark is smooth and sheds to give irregular white, yellow and gray patches. It has white flowers and large gum nuts. The above picture was taken at Kingsport Airport, Kangaroo Island. From the size of the tree at that time, it might have been what is commonly known as Eucalyptus cladocalyx nana, a smaller version of the species.  Tolerates alkaline or clay soils.  Suitable for slightly  saline sites (ECe 200-400 mS/m.

Uses: Hedges or windbreaks, shade trees, honey production, screening plants, frost tolerant plant.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 9
Type Small tree
Flower Color White
Growth Rate Moderate to fast
Placement Sun
Soil type Sandy loam
Soil moisture (minimum) 380 mm (14.6") per year
Native South Australia
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletAttractive foliage, flowers and shape
bulletLarge white flowers and gum nuts
bulletFast growth rate

Problem Solving Features

bulletAttractive accent plant or tree
bulletLow moisture/fertilizer needs
bulletLow maintenance

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*Seed germinates easily with normal methods.
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