Eucalyptus brachyphylla

hybrid cross E. kruseana x E. loxophleba  ssp lissopphloia

Section Bisectae
Series Kruseanae

Description: Tree or mallee to 4 m, with lignotuber.  The branches are glaucous; the bark is rough over the trunk with imperfectly shedding gray bark which is smooth above bronze and dark gray. The adult leaves are dull gray-green to gray and the flowers are white. It is native to West Australia and occurs with E. kruseana and E. loxophleba ssp lissophloia and is considered as a hybrid of these two.  A favored ornamental due to the attractive bark trait and glaucous crown of adult leaves.

Culture: Sandy or gravel type soils, pH 5.5 to 6.4, annual rainfall minimum of 14 inches per year.

Uses: Ornamental

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 9
Type Small mallee to 16', lignotuber
Flower Color White
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun
Soil Acid, gravels, sand
Culture 14" annual rainfall
Native West Australia
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletSmall species for home gardens
bulletAttractive foliage and bark traits
bulletLow moisture requirements

Problem Solving Features

bulletDoes well in poor soils
bulletLow nutrient needs
bulletLow maintenance
bulletLow moisture needs

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