Eucalyptus blakelyi

Blakely's redgum

Description: This species is found native in New South Wales,Victoria, Queensland. The bark is shedding to leave a smooth, white or gray with gray-blue, pink or cream-yellow patches. The shedding bark appears at an early age.  The wood is strong and durable and has been used in fencing. Juvenile leaves are ovate, adult leaves are shaped like a lance.  The flowers are white and occur in groups of 7 to 11.  Food source for Koala browse.

Culture: Clay loams, gravels, loam or sandy loam type soil, pH 5.5 to 6.4, moderate moisture needs.

Uses: Ornamental, Koala browse, attractive shedding bark in different colors.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type Single trunk tree to 82' (25 m), lignotuber
Flower Color White
Growth Rate Moderate to Fast
Placement Sun
Culture Low to moderate moisture
Native New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletSingle trunk tree to 82'
bulletAttractive shedding bark and bark colors
bulletModerate growth rate

Problem Solving Features

bulletAttractive accent plant or tree
bulletLow moisture needs
bulletSun loving

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* Seed germinates best if sown on  the surface of the media.  Germination 2-3 weeks at 70-75 degrees F.  No pre-treatment needed.
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