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Minimum order $15 for seed shipments.  Seed is shipped by priority mail ($6) to any USA address.  International shipping rates are higher and must include customs declaration.  See note here: International

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Seed is weighed out when the order is being filled.  If you order more than one pack of a particular item, it is sent as one bulk pack with "X" times the amount of seed ordered.  As an example, if you order 8 packs of Eucalyptus bridgesiana seed, you would receive one package of seed, but it would have 8 times the amount of seed in one package.  If you need SINGLE seed packs, please note this in the comments section of the order form.

Note about pot sizes: The 5" pot we use is the Olympian #250XL SP-5 square, 1/2 gallon.  It measures 5-1/4" square X 6-1/4" tall.  It takes 385 containers to hold one cubic yard of media.

Shipping boxes: The boxes we use for shipping the 5" pot plants will hold from 1 to 6 plants per box.  There is a $4.00 box charge.

Note: Many of the plant species listed below we can custom grow for you, but we do not stock all these plants on a regular basis.  Contact us if you wish to discuss custom growing of anything listed below.

Minimum total seed order amount $15

Please note: We will no longer will ship plants or seed to any address in the State of Montana.  This is due to Montana now requiring any outside plant vendor to purchase a separate Montana nursery license.  All other states in the USA have reciprocal agreements for licensed nurseries, but it appears Montana has decided they will no longer honor these agreements.

Due to the increasingly high cost of phytosanitary inspection fees in Australia (currently $200 plus for small seed orders), you can expect our seed prices to increase as well.  The phytosanitary inspection is REQUIRED by the USA Government before seed is allowed to be imported into our country.  USA Customs has become very strict in what they will allow in, without the proper documentation, the seed is confiscated and destroyed. 

Species - click on highlighted plant name will take you to a detail description Seed Price* See note below

Trial pack contains about 100 mg  by weight and is denoted by T/P

Angophora costata

1 gram $9

Angophora hispida

currently out

Corymbia calophylla (white) 5 seeds $5  pure seed
Corymbia calophylla (pink) 5 seeds $6  pure seed
Corymbia citriodora T/P $5  with chaff
Corymbia eximia 5 seeds $5  pure seed
Corymbia eximia nana T/P $5  with chaff
Corymbia ficifolia - pure seed 1 gram $15 pure seed
Corymbia ficifolia X calophila red flowers 5 seeds $5   pure seed
Corymbia gummifera currently out
Corymbia maculata T/P $5  about 22 seeds with chaff
Corymbia papuana T/P $5  about 22 seeds with chaff

Corymbia ptychocarpa T/P $5  about 5-7 seeds with chaff
Corymbia trachyphloia T/P $5  about 33 seeds with chaff
Acaciiformis T/P $5  about 100 seeds with chaff
Aggregata T/P $5  about 100 seeds with chaff
Albens T/P $5  about 8 seeds with chaff
Albida T/P $5 about 25 seeds with chaff
Albopurpurea (E. landsdowneana ssp albopurpurea) T/P $5 about 9 seeds with chaff
Amygdalina T/P $5 with chaff
Andrewsii ssp andrewsii T/P $5  with chaff
Angulosa T/P $5  about 5 seeds with chaff
Angustissima subsp angustissima T/P $5 about 30 seeds with chaff
Apiculata not available
Approximans T/P $5 with chaff
Archeri T/P $5    about 72 seeds with chaff
1 gram $15
Aspratilis T/P $5   about 27 seeds with chaff
Baby Blue

T/P $5.50 pure seed 100 mg weight

Commercial pack of approximately 1,000 seeds $25.00 pure seed - not counted out - 1 gram weight

Badjensis T/P $5  about 54 seeds with chaff
1 gram $18
Baeuerlenii T/P $5 about 18 seeds with chaff
Barberii T/P $5 about 35 seeds with chaff
Baxteri T/P $5 about 30 seeds with chaff
Blakelyi T/P $5 about 36 seeds with chaff
Botryoides Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5 about 18 seeds with chaff
Brachycorys T/P $5 about 15 seeds with chaff
Brachyphylla seed not available for sale
Bridgesiana T/P $5  about 35 seeds with chaff
Brookeriana T/P $5 about 40 seeds with chaff
Buprestium 5 seeds $5 pure seed
Burdettiana T/P $5 about 15 seeds with chaff
Burgessiana T/P $5 with chaff
Burracoppinensis T/P $5 with chaff
Caesia ssp caesia

T/P $5 about 9 seeds with chaff

Caesia ssp magna T/P $5 about 12 seeds with chaff
Calcicola T/P $5 with chaff
Callanii not available
Calycogona subsp calycogona T/P $5 about 30 seeds with chaff
Camaldulensis T/P $5 about 60 seeds with chaff
Camaldulensis var obtusa not available
Camaldulensis - Silverton prov 100 mg $5.50
Campaspe T/P $5 about 36 seeds with chaff
Camphora ssp camphora T/P $5  about 116 seeds with chaff

Cannonii T/P $5  with chaff
Cernua (E. nutans) T/P $5  with chaff
Cinerea T/P $5  about 40 seeds with chaff
Citriodora (See Corymbia citriodora)
Cladocalyx nana T/P $5  with chaff
Cneorifolia T/P $5  with chaff
Coccifera T/P $5  with chaff
Conferruminata T/P $5   with chaff
Consideniana T/P $5  with chaff
Cooperiana T/P $5  with chaff
Cordata T/P $5  with chaff
Cornuta T/P $5   with chaff
Coronata T/P $5  with chaff
Costata (See Angophora costata)
Crebra T/P $5  with chaff
Crenulata T/P $5  with chaff
Cretata  T/P $5  with chaff
Crucis T/P $5  with chaff
Curtisii T/P $5  with chaff
Cyanophylla T/P $5  with chaff
Cylindriflora not currently available
Cypellocarpa T/P $5  with chaff
Dalrympleana ssp dalrympleana T/P $5  with chaff
Dealbata T/P $5  with chaff
Deanei T/P $5  with chaff
Debeuzevillei (pauciflora ssp debeuzevillei) T/P $8   with chaff
1 gram $25
Decurva not currently available
Deglupta fresh seed difficult to obtain
Delegatensis ssp tasmaniensis T/P $5  with chaff
Dendromorpha 100 mg $6.00
Dielsii T/P $5  with chaff
Diptera T/P $5  with chaff
Diversicolor T/P $5  with chaff
Dives T/P $5 with chaff
Dolichorhyncha T/P $5  with chaff
Doratoxylon T/P $5  with chaff
Dumosa  T/P $5  with chaff
Effusa T/P $5 with chaff
Elata T/P $5   with chaff
Elliptica (mannifera elliptica) T/P $5   with chaff
1 gram $18
Eremophila T/P $5   with chaff
Erythranda T/P $5   with chaff
Erythrocorys not currently available
Erythronema var erythronema T/P $5   with chaff  
Erythronema var marginata T/P $5   with chaff
Ewartiana T/P $5   with chaff
Eximia (See Corymbia eximia
Falcata   T/P $5 with chaff
Fastigata T/P $5   with chaff
Fibrosa ssp nubila T/P $5   with chaff
Flavida T/P $5   with chaff
Flocktoniae  (ssp flocktoniae) T/P $5   with chaff
Foecunda T/P $5   with chaff
Formanii T/P $5   with chaff
Forrestiana (See E. Dolichorhyncha)
Fraxinoides T/P $5   with chaff
Froggattii  T/P $5 with chaff
Gamophylla T/P $5   with chaff
Gardeneri T/P $5   with chaff
Gillii T/P $5   with chaff
Glaucescens T/P $6   with chaff
Globulus T/P $5   with chaff
Globulus ssp bicostata T/P $5 with chaff
Globulus var compacta T/P $5 with chaff
Goniocalyx T/P $5 with chaff
Grandis T/P $5 with chaff
Gregsoniana T/P $5 with chaff
Grossa T/P $5 with chaff
Gummifera see Corymbia gummifera
Gunnii 'Blue Ice' T/P $6 with chaff
Halophila  Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5 with chaff
1 gram $18
Hispida - see Angophora hispida
Hypoclamydea T/P $5 with chaff
Incerata T/P $5 with chaff
Incrassata T/P $5 with chaff
Intertexta  T/P $5 with chaff
Johnstonii T/P $5 with chaff
Jucunda T/P $5 with chaff
Jutsonii T/P $5 with chaff
Kessellii  T/P $5 with chaff  
Kingsmillii T/P $5 with chaff
Kira Surpreme
Kitsoniana T/P $5 with chaff
Kochii subsp kochii T/P $5 with chaff
Kruseana T/P $5 with chaff
Kybeanensis T/P $5 with chaff
Laevopinea T/P $5 with chaff
Lane-poolei T/P $5 with chaff
Lansdowneana ssp albopurpurea

Now Albopurpurea

T/P $5 with chaff
Lansdowneana - Red Flowering T/P $5 with chaff
Largiflorens   Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5 with chaff
Lata T/P $5 with chaff
Latens T/P $5 with chaff

T/P $5 with chaff

Leptophylla T/P $5 with chaff
Lesouefii T/P $5  with chaff
Leucoxylon ssp megalocarpa T/P $5 with chaff

Leucoxylon ssp petiolaris (E. petiolaris) T/P $5 with chaff
Ligustrina T/P $5 with chaff
Livida T/P $5 with chaff
Longicornis T/P $5 with chaff  
Longifolia T/P $5 with chaff
Luehmanniana T/P $5 with chaff
Macarthurii T/P $5 with chaff
Macranda T/P $5 with chaff
Macrocarpa T/P $5 with chaff
Macrocarpa ssp elachantha - Small leaved Mottlecah 100 mg $6 with chaff
Macrorrhyncha ssp macrorrhyncha T/P $5 with chaff
Maculata see Corymbia maculata
Mannifera T/P $5 with chaff
Megacornuta  Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5 with chaff
Melanophloia T/P $5 with chaff
Melliodora T/P $5 about 30 seeds with chaff
Micranthera  T/P $5 with chaff
Microcorys T/P $5  about 8 seeds with chaff
Microtheca not currently available
Miniata  T/P $5 pure seed
Mitchelliana T/P $5 with chaff
'Moon Lagoon' T/P $5 with chaff
Moorei ssp nana

T/P $5 with chaff

Morrisbyi T/P $5 with chaff  
Muelleriana T/P $5 with chaff
Neglecta T/P $5 with chaff
Newbeyi T/P $5 with chaff
Nicholii 50 mg $5.00 about 40 seeds with chaff
Niphophila T/P $5 with chaff
Nitens not available
Nitida not available
Notabilis T/P $5 about 10 seeds with chaff
Nova anglica T/P $5 about 100 seeds with chaff
Nutans (Cernua) T/P $5 about 13 seeds with chaff
Obliqua T/P $5 with chaff
Oblonga T/P $5 with chaff
Obtusiflora  T/P $5 with chaff
Occidentalis  Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5  with chaff
Oleosa ssp oleosa  Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5 with chaff
Olsenii T/P $5 with chaff
Oraria T/P $5 about 44 seeds with chaff
Orbifolia T/P $5 with chaff
Oreades T/P $5 with chaff
Ovata T/P $5 about 86 seeds with chaff
Oxymitra  T/P $5 with chaff
Pachyloma  T/P $5 with chaff
Pachyphylla T/P $5 about 4 seeds with chaff
Paliformis T/P $5 with chaff
Parvula 100 mg $7 with chaff
Patens  T/P $5 with chaff
Pauciflora ssp pauciflora T/P $5 with chaff
1 gram $18
Pellita T/P $5 about 8 seeds with chaff
Pendens T/P $5 with chaff
Peninsularis  T/P $5 with chaff
Perriniana T/P $7 with chaff
Phaenophylla T/P $5 with chaff
Phoenicea T/P $5 with chaff
Pileata T/P $5 with chaff
Pilularis T/P $5 with chaff
Pimpiniana T/P $5 with chaff
Piperita T/P $5 with chaff
Platycorys T/P $5 with chaff
Platypus var congegrata T/P $5 with chaff
Platypus var platypus not available
Pleurocarpa (see tetragona)
Pluricaulis ssp porphyrea T/P $5 with chaff
Polyanthemos T/P $5 with chaff
Polybractea T/P $5 with chaff
Populnea T/P $5 with chaff
Preissiana large yellow T/P $6 with chaff
Preissiana ssp presissiana T/P $6 with chaff
Preissiana x staeri T/P $6 with chaff
Propinqua T/P $5 with chaff
Pterocarpa T/P $5 with chaff
Pulchella T/P $5 with chaff
Pulverulenta  T/P $6 with chaff
Pulverulenta 'Kira Supreme'
Pumila T/P $5 with chaff
Punctata T/P $5 with chaff
Pyriformis T/P $5 with chaff

T/P $5 about 28 seeds with chaff
Radiata T/P $5 with chaff
Redunca T/P $5 with chaff
Regnans T/P $5 with chaff
Remota T/P $5 with chaff
Rhodantha T/P $8 with chaff
1 gram $30
Rigens    salt tolerant T/P $5 with chaff
Rigidula T/P $5 about 31 seeds with chaff
Risdonii T/P $5 with chaff
Robusta T/P $5 with chaff
Rodwayi T/P $5 with chaff
Rubida ssp rubida T/P $5 about 62 seeds with chaff
Rudis  Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5 about 73 seeds with chaff
Saligna 100 mg $5.50
Salmonophloia T/P $5 about 63 seeds with chaff
Salubris T/P $5 about 20 seeds with chaff
Sargentii ssp sargentii  Semi-salt tolerant out
Saxatilis T/P $8 with chaff
Sclerophylla T/P $5 with chaff
Sepulcralis T/P $5 with chaff
Serraensis (alpina) T/P $5 with chaff
Sessilis T/P $8 with chaff
1 gram $20
Shirleyi T/P $5 with chaff
Sideroxylon ssp Rosea T/P $5 with chaff
Sieberi T/P $5 with chaff
Smithii T/P $5 with chaff
Spathulata - red flowering  Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5 with chaff
Sporadica T/P $5 about 14 seeds with chaff
Staigeriana T/P $8  about 25 seeds with chaff
Steedmanii T/P $6  about 32 seeds with chaff
Stellulata T/P $5 with chaff  
Stoatei  Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5 with chaff
Stowardii T/P $5 with chaff
Striaticalyx T/P $5 with chaff
Stricklandii T/P $5 with chaff
Stricta T/P $5 with chaff
Sturgissiana T/P $5 with chaff
Subcrenulata T/P $7 with chaff
Suggrandis T/P $5 with chaff
Talyuberlup T/P $5 about 14 seeds with chaff
Tenuiramis  Semi-salt tolerant T/P $5 about 14 seeds with chaff
Tenuis T/P $5 with chaff
Tereticornis - Victoria collected T/P $8 with chaff
Tetragona T/P $5 about 5 seeds with chaff
Tetraptera T/P $5 with chaff
Tinghaensis T/P $5 with chaff
Torquata T/P $5 about 16 seeds with chaff
'Torwood' T/P $5 about 5 seeds with chaff
Trachyphloia see (Corymbia trachyphloia)
Triflora T/P $5 with chaff
Uncinata T/P $5 about 60 seeds with chaff
Urceolaris - See E. piperita
Urnigera T/P $9 with chaff
Vernicosa not available

not available

Viridis T/P $5 about 137 seeds with chaff
Websteriana not available
Woodwardii T/P $5 about 10 seeds with chaff
Xanthonema T/P $5 about 16 seeds with chaff
Yalatensis T/P $5 about32 seeds with chaff
Youmanii T/P $5 with chaff
Youngiana T/P $5 about 5 seeds with chaff
Zopherophloia T/P $5 about 16 seeds with chaff
How to germinate Eucalyptus seeds link: Eucalyptus_seed_germination.htm
* Note about our seed: Our Eucalyptus seed packs are generally sold by weight of 100 milligrams (unless otherwise specified).  This is not pure seed unless so noted!  It contains "chaff" which is a part of the "inert" material commonly found mixed in with the seed during normal development.  Number of seeds per package is not constant - each seed species varies in size.  Some seeds are small which makes it difficult to separate from the chaff.  It is recommended to sow BOTH seed and the chaff together as this helps distribute the seed and aids in germination.  I list where known, the number of seeds per T/P.  Our seed packs contain at least 1/10 gram (100 milligrams) unless otherwise noted.  One pack of seed is enough for the average person to germinate for their use.  I am not a "seed testing laboratory" - I can't tell you what percentage of seed will germinate.  I have grown many Eucalyptus plants from our seed offerings, it's the same seed stock I use in my plant production. I offer general germination tips with seed orders as well as providing you with any other pertinent information that I have found to be useful.  If you are interested in commercial production of Eucalyptus, I can arrange special order and pricing for some Eucalyptus seed species - contact me by email with your request.  You should have basic knowledge about horticulture and growing from seed.  Sorry, I don't have the resources to teach you everything from A-Z in horticulture on this web site.  I will help where possible, but I don't have the answers to everything.  I have no way to control the care your provide during germination and cultivation of plants.  As such, the only warranty I submit is that we ship you seed that is viable and should germinate under proper conditions.  Our limit of liability is replacement of the seed.  I exercise care in selection of our seed merchants as I don't personally collect the seed.  To the best of my knowledge, all seeds as listed are true to name.  No warranty expressed or implied is given.  Liability is limited to the purchase price of the seed.  If you do not accept the goods on these terms, the seed should be returned at once to us.
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