Corymbia maculata

Spotted Gum, Spotted Iron Gum


Description: This species gets the common name for its distinctive, spotted and dimpled bark that is smooth, gray in color and sheds in patches during summer to produce a mottled yellow and gray surface. A beautiful and ornamental, straight trunk tree from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.  Strong, lemon scented foliage much like Corymbia citriodora.  Reported as somewhat frost hardy after several years growth.  Food source for Koala browse.

Uses: Shade tree, timber, firewood, honey, perfumed foliage.  Wind resistant tree and good for pulpwood production.

Climate Data: Favors warm humid to sub-humid climate.  Heat index, hot: 86 degrees F, cold: 17 degrees F.  Rainfall 750-1750 mm (28.8 - 67.3 inches), altitude near seal level to 950 m.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type Single trunk specimen 82-147' (25-45 m)
Flower Color White to cream
Growth Rate Fast
Placement Sun
Soil type Sandy loam, gravel
Soil Moisture (minimum) 750 mm (30") per year
Native New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletUnique dimpled bark and strong lemon scented foliage
bulletFast growing - up to 147'
bulletSingle trunk tree with mottled bark colors

Problem Solving Features

bulletExcellent room deodorizer
bulletMay be containerized if pruned
bulletGreat for full sun, sandy soils
bulletNo fertilizer needed

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*Seed germinates easily with normal methods.  Usually 1-3 weeks for germination.  220 seeds per gram.
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