Clitoria ternata

Butterfly Pea



From tropical Asia.  It gets it's name from the resemblance to intimate parts of the human anatomy.  The flowers are presented upside down - the "keel" petal appears on the top rather than the underside.  Treat as an annual in all but the warmest climates.  Easy to grow from seed and blooms the first year.  Full sun, fertile, moist but well drained loamy soil.  Provide support for the twining stems.

Temperature Rating Annual
Type Twiner to 12'
Flower Color Blue
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun
Culture loamy soil
Native Tropical Asia
Key Benefits
bulletFast growing
bulletUnusual flowers
bulletFlat seed pods
Problem Solving Features
bulletSuitable for twining plant
bulletAverage soils
bulletFast growing - hide unsightly areas

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*Hot water soak for 24 hours and then sow.


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