Cissus antartica

Kangaroo Vine, native grape


This vigorous climber has green leaves and climbs with tendrils. It bears small flowers and edible fruits. It is most commonly used as an indoor foliage plant in colder areas and prefers well composted soil with ample moisture.  Native grapes from the Kangaroo vine were eaten by the Aborigines and the early settlers. They have a grape-like taste but can irritate the throat if eaten in large numbers. The larger stems when cut into pieces and allowed to drain produce drinking water. The grapes were sometimes made into jam by early settlers.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 9
Type Foliage/Vine
Flower Color  
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun to low light levels
Culture Moderate moisture
Native Queensland, New South Wales
Family Vitidaceae

Key Benefits

bulletAttractive indoor foliage plant
bulletVigorous climber
bulletSmall flowers, edible fruits

Problem Solving Features

bulletSuitable for pergola or fence
bulletLow light levels, shade
bulletFast growing

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