Ceratopetalum gummiferum

New South Wales Christmas Bush


A small tree or shrub to about 18' with bronze new growth. Small, star like flowers in spring, the remaining calyx turns red and gets larger, giving you the impression the plant has red flowers in summer. Prefers full sun and ample moisture in spring and summer. Flower color can be improved by sprinkling iron sulfate around the plant drip line in spring. Frost tolerant.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 9 - (frost tolerant)
Type Shrub/tree to 18'
Flower Color Pinkish
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun
Culture Moderate moisture
Native New South Wales
Family Cunoniaceae

Key Benefits

bulletSmall, star like flowers
bulletFrost tolerant
bulletBronze color new growth

Problem Solving Features

bulletExcellent for moist soils
bulletLow maintenance
bulletExcellent shrub for sunny border

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* No pre-treatment of seed needed.  Sow direct. 


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