Callistemon polandii

Gold-tipped Bottlebrush


Gold-tipped Bottlebrush: 6-15' x 3-9' dense shrub, dark red with gold tipped anthers 6-10 x 4-5 cm, full to part sun, moderate frost.  Loam, boggy, damp, well drained, acid, neutral soils.  Useful as hedge, windbreak or screening. A bushy swamp plant, very similar to C. phoeniceus.  Blooms in spring and autumn and is noted for its long lasting, 9cm long, bright red, gold-tipped flowers. Leaves are 4 to 12 cm long. It is essentially an open bush, but when pruned grows into an attractive shrub.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 9
Type Shrub to about 12'
Flower Color Red with gold tip
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun
Culture Moderate/damp moisture
Native Queensland
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletBeautiful, scarlet flower spikes 4" long
bulletDoes well in moist soils
bulletAttractive flowers and foliage

Problem Solving Features

bulletGood for shrub border
bulletHedges, screens, windbreaks
bulletGrows in most soil types

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*Sow seed direct on the surface, bog watering method works best.  Germination 1-3 weeks @ 70 F.
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