Callistemon pallidus

Red flowering Bottlebrush or

Pale Yellow/Green Bottlebrush


There are two varieties of Callistemon pallidus.  One produces red flower spikes in summer on a shrub 9' x 6'. The second variety produces a yellow/green flower spike.  A tough, frost tolerant species that grows well in most soil conditions.  Plants grow and flower best in full sun.  Plants bloom on new growth each year.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type Shrub to 9'
Flower Color Red or pale yellow/green
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun
Culture 18" minimum annual rainfall
Native Victoria, Tasmania
Family Myrtaceae

Key Benefits

bulletRed (or yellow/green) bottle-brush flowers
bulletFrost tolerant
bulletNot fussy about soil type

Problem Solving Features

bulletExcellent for moist soils
bulletLow maintenance
bulletExcellent shrub for sunny border

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*Sow seed direct on the surface, bog watering method works best.  Germination 1-3 weeks @ 70 F.


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