Banksia media

Southern Plains Banksia


The flower color is a yellow spike 20 cm x 7 cm (8" x 2 1/2"). The color may vary from yellow to orange to bronze and it flowers in autumn and winter.  The mature size is a 3-9' rounded shrub. This Western  Australia species is reported to be one of the best for planting in the more humid areas and does well in the eastern states. It usually forms a compact shrub to 4'. 


Temperature Rating USDA Zone 9
Type Small rounded shrub 3 to 9'
Flower Color Yellow
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun
Culture Low moisture, humidity tolerant
Native West Australia
Family Proteaceae

Problem Solving Features

bulletLarge yellow flower spikes
bulletFlowers in autumn and winter
bulletToothed, green leaves

Problem Solving Features

bulletHumidity tolerant
bulletLow maintenance
bulletLow moisture/fertilizer needs

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*Sow seed 1/8" deep in well drained media.  Give preventive fungicidal drench.  Germinate 3-12 weeks at 64 - 80 degrees F.


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