Allocasuarina littoralis

Syn. Casuarina littoralis

Black She Oak


Found native on dry ridges and hillsides of the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales and along the east coast of Australia.  An ornamental small tree with dusty green foliage. Sometimes called "Fire Oak", as leaves on the male trees are rusty-red tipped in spring. Its neat form makes it suitable for avenues with restricted space or for small gardens. Suitable for most soils and will stand some exposure to salt spray.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type Small tree to 30'
Flower Color  
Growth Rate Moderate
Placement Sun
Culture 18" minimum annual rainfall
Native New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania
Family Casuarinaceae
Key Benefits
bulletRounded, small tree to 30'
bulletUseful, small shade tree
bulletHardy in most soils, will tolerate some salt spray
Problem Solving Features
bulletSuitable for borders
bulletLow water use
bulletNo fertilizer needed
bulletSmall shade tree
bulletTolerates some salt spray

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